What are your challenges?

What do you think the biggest challenges are when you’re newly diagnosed? Caregivers, what are your biggest hurdles in handling the new diagnosis of a loved one? I thought there was a steep learning curve - counting carbs, remembering to check blood sugar, etc. Beyond actual management, Type One also was a financial hurdle, and it’s often stressful to think about paying for supplies and dealing with insurance. What else do people think?

Honestly, after 33 years with T1, for me anyway, it is maintaining the motivation to care. That may sound lazy and burnt out, but managing this disease 24/7 just wears me down sometimes. Most of the time it’s pretty routine, but when it’s not, I just want to shut down and go on auto-pilot. Sometimes I just take a day or two and do the basics…maybe just check myself a couple of times a day or just take a wild-a$$ guess as to what carbs I’m eating. Oddly enough, sometimes on those days my BG is actually pretty good when I check it. But I know it’s important to stay vigilant because let’s face it, I’m still here, right? But not let it totally take over my life. Finding that balance is challenging at times, and during busy or dramatic periods it can be pretty darned impossible. Add to that the financial struggles…one of the best things you can do is to work toward having a “safe”, steady job with good benefits if you don’t already have one. Those organizations don’t always pay great, but the benefits will more than offset that, and give you peace of mind.

Great insight! This is very helpful to someone who is just starting out on this journey. Thank you!

The biggest challenge for me was admitting I had a disease, or any issue for that matter. And then realizing I get to learn a new way of life.