Weird weird weird

Whisky distilled from the urine of elderly diabetic patients.It seems like a hoax but I checked the calendar an it is September 1st, not April 1st.

If these people were given proper treatment there shouldn't be any sugar in their urine.


i'm pretty sure there can still be sugar in urine even if you are given proper care, it's not the same as ketones in urine. it all seems bogus to me though and very disgusting.

No comment....except, "no comment". Lol!

ain't right.

oooof, 2 great subjects - diabetes and whisky.

first off, anything with glucose in it can be fermented with yeast (to make ethanol solutions) and then distilled to get the pure ethanol.  if you are not a chemistry buff, ethanol is the active ingredient in booze.

so you could get glucose form the urine or blood of a diabetic...  isolate it, ferment it, then distill it to get pure ethanol for use in your car (80%) or for your martini (40%).  I just can't for the life of me figure out why the heck you would want to, because glucose is so easily available in everything from rotten fruit to corn mash and grass seeds in concentrations way greater than that in urine and without the ammonia and other wonderful thigs that would have to be isolated before fermentation, because it would otherwise just kill the yeast.

it's a little bit of a misnomer to say they are distilling urine  they are not.  ... they would have to ferment the isolated glucose, from urine, with ale yeast, then filter or naturally separate the dead yeast cells from the solution, then distill the fermented solution to make ethanol.

so then I am delighted to read that the idiots at jamesgilpin claim it's for "high end single malt" whisky and thats where the conversation ends.  if you use glucose from piss or rotten fruits as an adjunct to fermentation... then it's no longer a "single malt"... and so then it's not the ethanol that's a hoax but it's the advertisement of the kind of whisky at jamesgilpin that's the hoax.  it aint single malt, it aint high end... it's just plain old hooch.

"Single malt" means the fermentable sugar (glucose) was derived from the mashing (breaking of seeds and then the running of 145-165 degree F water over) of a single type of grain.  No added sugar allowed, espeically if you have the unmitigated gall to claim your junk is high end.  and I'll drink to that.


This is the most extreme thing I've heard of for someone to have a drink. Don't the English call it getting pissed?

There are other foods that are made from things that have already passed through an animal. I think there is coffee made from beans passed through goats and even civet cats too. I saw Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel drink cow urine from a bottle in India. That guy will put anything in his mouth.