Weird Blood color

Well since i have had my miscarriage in October, I have had 3 pretty regular periods except for this month.  I started out with brown spotting then had my normal 3-4 day period and now I am still spotting light brown blood.  This has been happening for 5 days now. I put a call into my OB this morning and I am still waiting for a call back.  The horrible part is that it smells AWFUL.  My husband and I had to stop making love it smelled so bad.  It didn't have a fishy smell more of like a rotten blood smell.  (TMI I know) just curious if any other women have had a similar and embarrising experience like this?


I've had that kind of period a few times before over the last few years. I never did anything about it, figured it was just dried blood or something and if I remember correctly, I think I still got at least a day or two of regular blood flow. I don't think it ever happened before my miscarriage or abortion, so it might have something to do with that.

Hopefully your OB gets back to you soon, but I don't think it's anything to get too worried about.

Thank you.  Yeah I went in and she said I was fine and that I just left a tampon in (How Embarrising) Thank you