WE? (sibling(s) with diabetes)

Does anyone have sibs with diabetes... Well i bet ya do. LOL. My mom and I keep thinking my brother is diabetic but every time we check his blood, he's fine. But he has gotten used to it, and he's fine with the whole needles concept, because before he insisted my mom pay him a dollar.

I have a diabetic sibling. She's had it for almost 17 years and I've had it for 4.5 years. Not sure what else you want to know about it but I figured I'd say we're both T1's.

i wish i had a diabetic sibling. My brother will probably end up being type 2 though...  But when we get in a fight, he hides my meter. Sometimes he disconnects my pump when he says he wishes I was dead. He gets in big big big trouble when he does hthings like that but he still doesn't and thinks it's funny... I wish he didn't think it was funny! it hurts me so much. He put me in DKA a few times... It sucks being the only diabetic...

Kelsey, your situation with your brother made both of my eyebrows shoot upwards. Man, he makes my identical twin, The Evil Twin, sound like an angel by comparison. I don't think she ever tried to kill me when we were kids. Or at least not OVERTLY, although she got me in trouble a lot by setting me up for disasters that I innocently walked into as she watched to see what would happen. She is also a type 1, and we were diagnosed at about the same time. Odd, though, we never really discussed it or supported one another when growing up. It just wasn't something we talked about. We discuss it sometimes NOW, but as kids and teens, there was just too much else going on in life to waste time talking about diabetes.

As a volunteer for JDRF's ODST, though, I can attest to how many of us type 1 folks complain of feeling all alone. Even family members who love us just can't understand unless they, too, deal with it each day. I can honestly say that while growing up with a type 1 twin, I never felt all alone in the diabetes situation. So having a sibling be a type 1 maybe helps with coping.

I don't wish diabetes on your brother, but I do hope he stops doing stupid stuff like disconnecting your pump. If he is not careful, your parents are gonna "kill" HIM... I would be absolutely furious if one of my kids was tormenting the other this way and disconnecting his pump. The cartoon character Homer Simpson comes to mind, strangling young Bart when he is bad.  :o)

it could always be worse

   sarah h