Siblings of Type 1 Diabetics


My name is Courtney, and I’m starting to write a book about growing up with a sibling who has Type 1 Diabetes and I’d like to talk to other people who have siblings living with Type 1 Diabetes.

The book will be about my experiences as a child, teenager, and young adult, but I also want to talk to others to get an idea as to what they may find helpful in the book, or if they’ve encountered similar experiences.

Thank you!

Hi Courtney - what a neat idea! I’m the sibling with diabetes so can’t contribute, but I do recall being out as a teen and hearing a girl tell her friends, in a very frustrated the of voice, “Oh no - I’ve got to get my sister home - if she’s late for her insulin my mom will kill me!” Decades later I still recall that conversation.
Unfortunately my sister can’t contribute - she is developmentally disabled and get level of disability prevents her from writing more than the most basic sentences. Actually I’ve often felt that having diabetes got me attention I would not have otherwise, but that’s a different story.
Congratulations in advance on your work.

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I’m the sibling of a diabetic girl who was diagnosed in April of this year. I would love to tell you my story. Would you like me to private message you?

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Hi Courtney,

Your idea is so wonderful. I have a younger brother who has been living with diabetes for the past 10 years- 11 years coming up in February 2021. I would love to share parts of my story with you and I would appreciate hearing your story as well. Feel free to private message me with more information. Or if you would like I could reach out to you via private message.

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That would be fantastic. I’m really excited about this project, and speaking with other siblings of Diabetics.

I’m not sure how to private message on here, so if you wouldn’t mind reaching out to me that would be great. :slight_smile:

Yes, please do. I’d love to hear it! :smiley:

Thank you so much for the support. I’m really excited about this project. :smiley:

Hi Courtney, I’ve had T1 for 64 years. When I was about 15 or 16 my Dad & I ate bkfst together at 5:30 AM. One AM he told me that my youngest sister by 10 years had become diabetic as well & that my Mother had been up all night crying. The news hit me like a ton of bricks. My Mother crying all PM told me that T1 wasn’t just inconvenient but a terrible disease. 1st time I figured that out, duh!

As a teenager & young adult I was more concerned about my sister’s health than my own. Now at ages 69 & 59 I remain concerned about her but refrain from being paternalistic. I get anxious when I receive texts from her about health issues. Also seems at our ages that all health issues are related to T1 in one way or another.

For what it’s worth. Good luck with your book.