Wanting to get pregnant but on a burnout

so me and my husband have been married almost 2 years and we are wanting to start a family in the next year. i know i need to get my A1C down. it is at about a 10% right now. 6 months ago it was at 14%. so im getting there. but im still being stubborn and im burnt out. i dont want to have to deal with this anymore. but i also know theres no changing this. i want to ask the opinions of others like me: What is the best way to overcome a burn out? and Whats the best way and quickest way to get my A1C down below 7% so we can start trying?


also just another note. in june of 2011 i had a miscarriage. my A1C was at 14%. it was the hardest thing i have ever had to go through. my husband was a BMT for the Air Force at that time. i felt so alone. and i felt as though i let him down because i promised him that i would take care of myself as well as the baby. but i didnt. by the time i found out we were pregnant it was too late....we werent trying to get pregnant at that time either. im just worried this will happen again.

I did a couple of things that really helped me out. First I found a good diabetes educator for type 1. In my experience an endo doesn’t help a whole lot other than the fact they can write prescriptions. My diabetes educator really gets how hard this is to go through and has been a huge emotional crutch for me. I find seeing her every two weeks has helped tremendously! A lot of doctors visitors I know, but without it it’s kinda like trying to do a weight loss program all on your own. Without a constant person there to nag me and encourage me it never would have happened.

Sorry I pushed post too soon :slight_smile:

The other thing that helped was cutting down my carbs and eating consistent carbs at meals. I eat the same thing for breakfast everyday. Boring, but its always the same and I know I’ll have good numbers. I’m also careful about only eating one carb per meal. Hope this helps and good luck!!


My biggest suggestion to you would be to get on the CGM. It was just the reminder that I needed. Before it, I never tested, I'd try and try to be more constant but was having no luck. When you wear the CGM, it beeps at you when your blood sugar is raising, it beeps at you when its dropping, as well as all the in betweens. To me, it was like a little reminder on my shoulder telling me what to do (annoying at first, but it all paid off). I went from somewhere around a 12-13 A1C to a 6.7 (as of 10/15). I have NEVER had that low of an A1C. I set my pump to remind me to test every two hours after I give insulin. I really try to watch my carb counts. I have noticed that chinese food (I love it) affects my blood sugar in ways that I can't quite control, it spikes it and the spike lasts for hours. I now save chinese food for a special treat. I have not had to eat the same thing every meal, I have not had to actually avoid anything specifically, I just try to make sure I give enough insulin to cover what I eat. Determination to do better and be healthy for your husband and future children has to be your drive. I know it was mine! I couldn't do it alone on my family trying to help me, I had to do it on my own. As far as how quickly my A1C got better, it went as quickly as I started to get the hang of testing more often, and it got easier as time went. You CAN do it! It is totally possible. Just keep your eyes and mind set on the goal and the end prize. It may not be easy and you may hit more bumps in the road, but you just cannot give up! We deserve a better life than not to care for ourselves!

My husband and I have been TTC since April with no luck yet and I just got tested for Celiac's disease as well as gastroparesis, I haven't given up, I'm still pushing through because I know it's worth it. I have weak days, but I make up for it and I remember that in God's time, my life will work out perfectly.

Keep your chin up and chug on girly! : )

Nikki you are a great inspiration. i have been wanting to get a CGM for some time now. i recently moved to nevada so im having to try and find a new doctor. hopefully the new one will be more on board with me getting a CGM. the past couple of days since i have posted this i have been checking my BS more frequently. i seem to be doing a lil better but like you said it will take time. im a very inpatient person. lol but in order for me to stay healthy and my future children to be healthy i have to keep on the right track.  thank you so much for your advice. it really helped! :)

I'm glad I could help you Amanda. It feels good to know that something positive can come out of my struggles. Always know, you are not alone! We all know the struggles and we are all here to help and encourage. Best of luck to you!