Vision Problems?

I was only diagnosed a week ago, but since then whenever I wake up in the morning, or get tired at night, my vision gets completely blurry. I do wear glasses/contacts, but wearing them makes it worse.  I find it better to go without and only be able to see the things that are closer than 2 ft to my face.  I am going to see my endocrinologist in a few days, but I was just wondering if this is normal for someone who is newly diagnosed?  I read online that from the time you get your blood sugar back in check it can take up to 3 months for you to get your vision back to normal.  Is that true?  

This is just very very annoying and I have finals this week!  So I think I'll be waking up wayyy before each final to make sure I can see before I go to my test.

Thanks, Courtney

Hey, I know that When I was first diagnosed a little less than a year ago, and before diagnoses I had very horrible vision in the evenings, not too sure about the mornings. Now my vision is only really affected if my blood sugar is pretty high. Also, sometimes it seems like the lighting in some buildings has a negative effect on my vision, like places with a lot of fluorescent lighting. But maybe that's just me. As for overall, vision blurriness, it went away with me once my blood sugars stabilized.

Sounds like waking up early is an option, and making sure your blood glucose levels are in check before you take the tests. Besides, If you wake up early for the finals, you can use that extra time to get some more studying in.

Good luck with your exams, mine start next week and I am freaking out already haha.

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The same thing happened with myself. And from what I have learned your blood sugar can affect your vision a lot! I wear glasses as well, and there was even a time when my blood sugars were extremely low and my perscription decreased. I think that your endo might have a better medical explanation though. Hopefully waking up early helps you, maybe you should also try waking up in the middle f the night just to make sure you arenn't going high without even knowing it. I hope this helps.

Hi Courtney,

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OK to the point, like the others have said, Yes your vision can get very blurry and your blood sugars can be high in the morning. For me it was aug./08 in ICU, DKA and 52 years old. My vision cleared up once I got good(?) control and lowered my bs about 90 days, Blurry vision is from sugar crystals, that's what the Dr.'s told me. If you have any other questions ask me I will help if I can.


Yeahh the same thing happened with my vision when i was first diagnosed when i was in fourth grade!!!!! at school i would have to ask my teacher to readd me some of the worksheets she gave us if the writing was kinda small!!!! i would get really ANNOYING!!! but it wasn't too bad for me because i was only 10 so i didn't have anyy finals or anything....just tell your teachers the problem before youu take the tests so they understand and youu can work something out!!!! GOOD LUCK on your tests!!!!!!! don't worry it goes away in a little while!!!! i have PERFECT vision noww!!!! 

One of the major causes of blindness worldwide is caused by diabetes. Absolutely, fluctuations in BG levels can have a direct effect on your vision. I've noticed if I wake in the morning with  a low, my vision is 'off' and it can take most the morning while my BG is getting back to normal for my vision to get back to normal.

This happened to me too when I was first diagnosed.  I freaked out the first time i noticed it, called my endo and they told me it was normal and would eventually correct itself...and it did.  For me it only happened for a few hours when i woke up in the  I just woke up like an hour or 2 hours before i had class to make sure my vision would clear up.  No worries though, it will eventually stop.  Having that happen around finals must be rough...good luck with everything! =)