Vertex to Acquire Semma Therapeutics With a Goal of Developing Curative

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is there any hope with this research? most of you are veterans and may have better insights hence wanted to check.

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@abhijitekre, of course there is always hope.

the problem with implanted islet cells, is that your body will eventually attack and destroy them. While the platform may provide insulin production for those without, IMO (as a mechanic) how the heck is that sustainable - a temporary fix if you don’t first fix the bad program in the autoimmune system. There was a trial on developing a barrier so that the body didn’t know there were beta cells, but that was years ago I can only imagine it didn’t work out.

A transplanted pancreas can also “cure” diabetes. The procedure is very risky and the recipient has to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of their lives. The anti rejection drugs prevent an autoimmune attack of not only the beta cells but the pancreas itself - so it kind of takes care of that aspect missing from the Semma islet transplant process. This strategy is not a first choice for health care providers due to the risks.

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