I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian and am finding it fairly easy to mix with diabetes requirements in a diet. Getting enough protein to stabilize my sugars can be a bit of a challenge, though. Anyone else out there vegetarian or thinking about going? Advice or recipes?

Hi!  I've been a vegetarian since forever.  I agree, getting a protein (especially a protein that isn't also full of carbs) is very hard.  I tend to eat a lot of tofu because it's easy for me.  But, I know some people don't like how tofu tastes. 

Also, if you still eat dairy and eggs, then you probably do get enough protein already.  Before I was diagnosed, my mom was convinced that my health problems were because I didn't get enough protein.  Because of that, I've been to multiple nutritionists who have told me that I really only needed about 30-40 grams of protein a day.  (that number is actually much lower than what most people think they need!)

If you want some of my favorite recipes, I'd be more than willing to share them.  Just ask!

I am wanting to be a vegetarian but unsure how it will affect my blood sugars..

Any advice??

Please help!!

Reading about how to properly combine grains, beans, tubers, nuts, fruits and veggies in order to make a protein is going to be an important part of eating vegetarian or vegan. Keep in mind that eating this way must be learned, so study up on it.

Also, reading up on how to eat vegetarian is really great even for those of us who choose to not eliminate meat completely from our diet, it gives you food ideas and broadens your idea of what makes for a good meal. Veggies don't always seem like the tastiest thing to people but they can be if you learn how to prepare them!


So don't just go vegetarian. I've seen people get really messed up by doing this. Read about it and you should be fine if you follow your diabetes meal plan.

I am a vegetarian as of 10 years ago. I tend to use protein powder to help get enough daily protein and love making myself a great fruit smoothie with protein powder for lunch.