Type 1 to Havasu

Hey guys! I know this is a long shot but I figure theres no better place to reach out than to my Type 1 Community!
I am trying to make a trip out to Havasu Falls in Arizona - a total of a 20 mile hike - and I have gotten some backlash from people who fail to understand that a Type 1 Diabetic can do ANYTHING! Please copy + share, or check out the page yourself!




If you are adequately managing your T1, know how various foods and activities affect YOUR body and if you are in proper physical condition, you should not hesitate to venture out on this hike because of your diabetes. During my 60 years of allowing diabetes to live with me I’ve found that there isn’t anything I can not do - except that I can’t hold a license as a commercial [other than for my leisure] airline pilot.

Yes, I’ve hiked the forests for many days including parts of the Appellation Mountain Trail, alpine skied many full consecutive days and cross-country skied alone [just had to keep insulin warm] in remote forests.

Just go for it kid!!! But don’t forget to think.

Hey Nina,

I have hiked many places in the world with T1D and we can definitely do anything! I am about to put out a hiking list specifically for diabetics so let me know if you want one of the first copies.

Would love to share any of your photos on the travel map for Diabetes Abroad. We have a goal to collect a photo from each US state - check it out here www.diabetesabroad.com/travel-map

Shoot me a message w/ your email and I can send over the list for you.

Hi Nina,

I just got back from a multi-day hike to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. I am 52 years old and still use a pen for injections, but relied heavily on my Dexcom GCM. So I would agree, there’s not much we can’t do. I did have more highs than lows, however, which I wasn’t expecting.