G'day all,

Before my diagnosis in July this year, my wife and I were talking of taking a holiday overseas with our now almost 8 month old baby.  Obviously things changed but now we are back considering the trip particularly with the good Aussie $ and Fiji looks like the place.

I have read up a bit on travelling overseas with diabetes and how to keep your gear...etc. I was just wondering if any of my fellow T1D's here have been to Fiji or the like and if you would have any advice for a newbie like me.

Thanks Austen


I've traveled abroad with diabetes to Canada, Germany, England, Switzerland, and Japan.  I've never had any problems.  Just bring enough stuff for the trip plus some in case of emergencies.  Bring a copy of your prescriptions and insurance card too.  You should be fine.

I've always had good luck traveling abroad too. I usually just bring double what I think I'll need. (: The security people in airports have always seemed to understand what all my "gear" was. These days, insulin pens don't have to be refrigerated, but when I get a hotel room with a mini-fridge, I like to to keep my extra pens I'm not currently using in there. (Of course, I'm not sure if you're on the pump or MDI...)

When I'm going to be changing time zones significantly, I usually make a plan of when I'll eat/inject in advance and ask my endo if I'm not sure. But, I'm not sure how much of a time difference you'll have. Going from FL to Japan was my trickiest time change and I survived, no problem. (: I also take extra insulin if I'll be on a long flight b/c I get high just sitting in one spot w/o moving.

Honestly, I find it MUCH more difficult to cart baby gear (travel cot, car seat, stroller, diaper wipes, sippy cups, toys, etc) on trips than my diabetes supplies. lol. 

Have a fun trip!

Fiji is lovely this time of year...then again, it's always lovely.  I wish I could travel but that's not a luxury I can afford at this point in time.  Just don't get half way there and realize you left all your supplies at home...I did that once (on a much closer NJ to VA trip...that was a headache).

I always pack my D supplies first now, and double check them in the car...and at the airport before we take off... and when we land...and.... you get the picture.

Keep it in your carry case they loose your luggage or miss a connection.

Have fun!