Type 1 literature

Hi there guys! I was curious if you had any suggestions for good books about type 1. I’m currently reading “pumping insulin” to get myself ready for getting a pump and I also have “think like a pancreas” that I want to read next. What else have you guys read that you thought was informative or helped you in some way? Thanks for the suggestions!

I highly recommend this one.

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@MrEntropy thank you!

One of my all time favorite writers on Diabetes Self Care - Adam Brown, just released a free Audiobook for “Brightspots & Landmines” - I’ve read the book (free or you can buy on amazon) https://brightspotsandlandmines.org.

The audiobook is available for free to DiaTribe.org members - awesome group! (it uses YouTube - but it’s free + also available for purchase at iTunes for $10). https://diatribe.org/bright-spots-landmines-audiobook-diabetes-guide-i-wish-someone-had-handed-me

He tells you a lot of the stuff we know - or didn’t know - but he explains the why … and that you don’t have to do everything all at once - but if you pick one or two things to start with, and then add on more as you’re able.

I’ve recommended his book to many people, and they’ve all seen changes that they didn’t think possible, myself included - sleep, carb limits, chia pudding, and controlled hypoglycemic corrections (yes, glucose tablets are better than a quart of ice cream :pensive:) - All these helped me to stop the bg rollercoaster I had been living for 27 years :grinning: my sugars are in line and I’m so much happier and healthier! Enjoy!

@ami-one thank you! I will definitely check it out.

Ashley @Aparker2012, in addition to the Adam Brown book suggested by @ami-one, I recommend for current, truly up-to-date diabetes management and information that you become a subscriber / supporter to diatribe.org . It doesn’t cost you anything to join [but I regularly make donations] and every week you will receive an email with links to timely diabetes information.
I’m not always in full agreement with Adam, but he always has very good information and the site archives are available to members for research.

@Dennis I downloaded the pdf for the book and was looking into the diatribe. I had never heard of it until now and I definitely think I’m going to join! Thank you for the suggestion! I definitely want to learn as much as I can and I’m super curious about the new discoveries for type 1.

Diabetes Solutions by Dr Richard Bernstein, also a T1D. It really helped me to have a better understanding of the physiology of diabetes and he’s written it in an easy to understand. And there are low carb recipes I’m the book. Mchbof what he wrote years ago is now in the “mainstream “ of diabetes management. If you get the book, be sure to read the beginning where he talks about himself. What am interesting man.

Have you read Sugar Surfing by Dr. Stephen Ponder? Great insights on how to keep numbers stable.

@RBHertz I look into it, thank you!

@DawnStringer I’ve heard a lot about this book and will definitely look into it. I see a lot of people say they “sugar surf” and have been curious about it. Could you explain what “sugar surfing” means in a few sentences by chance? Just curious about the concept.

One of the first books I read after my son was diagnosed with T1D was this one. It’s very inspirational and I highly recommend it!


Hi Dawn @DawnStringer, “Sugar Surfing” is a technique for maintaining body glucose as level as possible developed by Dr. Stephen Ponder, a pediatric endocrinologist who himself has had TypeOne Diabetes for more than 50 years.

In addition to his book, he maintains a Sugar surfing webpage that gives a good description, he has been a featured speaker at JDRF TypeOneNation Summits and he has a business traveling around the country presenting Surfing seminars.

I keep abreast of his activities through The [Diabetes] Medalist’s Group and DiabetesConnections on facebook and from emails he sends to subscribers on his webpage.