Type 1 diabetes and ADHD

My son was diagnosed in 2009 with type 1 diabetes he was 4 and is about to be 6 in May .He was diagnosed as well with ADHD . He isn't hungry so that is very difficult,  but off his medication he is always in trouble hitting his brother and whining all the time. My nuerologist suggests we stay on ADHD drug all the time because when off he is always getting punished because he is so impulsive and his self esteem is not good off the med and when .on the medicine he feels successful .Does anyone else have a son or daughter diagnosed with both?

I have asked all my doctors what is the best solution for this and no one seems to know?

I would get a second opinion and talk with a specialist in ADHD - see if there are some behavior therapies that may help. My neighbor's sons have a bunch of issues - ADHD is one for both. They had to have a behaviorist come in to their home for several hours a week for a couple months to help them with the younger one - who was more apt to hit, kick, just fly off the handle. They learned that they were dealing with his bad behavior completely wrong and have seen great improvements.

Sorry I don't have personal experience to support you w/ that double diagnosis. But, that must be hard to deal with both!

From what I understand from your question, his ADHD meds are making him less hungry, which makes diabetes management difficult? Is that what you meant? I agree that behavioral therapies can help some kids reduce or go off adhd meds, but often both behavioral modifications and meds are needs. It's absolutely worth a try, but don't want you to feel disappointed if he still needs meds... I'd def talk to the neuro about trying other meds if the appetite is interfering with his D control. The neuro should be looking at the "whole child," not just the ADHD symptoms!

In the future, his D control will require attention and planning (e.g., making sure to bring insulin with him, figure out doses, react to problems, etc.). Then, with better D control, I'd imagine it would be easier for him to focus. So, I think you're doing a great job by taking both diseases into consideration and not just focusing on one at a time. His success in one will affect the other. Keep up the good work of advocating for your child! (: I hope you get some better answers soon and some support one here.

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I would get a second opinion and talk with a specialist in ADHD


I think that's a great idea to get a 2nd opinion! If nothing else, you'll get a better ideas of what choices are out there...

I am actually diagnosed with both!  The ADHD medicine has helped me extremely, especially with my diabetes.  I tend to stay on top of it and remember to take my insulin and check my blood sugars more frequently.  It's like I care more about controlling it and staying in tune than I did when I was not taking the ADD meds!

Amanda Fowler

I am a type 1 diabetic with ADD. My son also has ADHD. I've been struggling with taking care of both for so long now that I can't remember anything else. To make matters worse, medication for my ADD has such strong side effects that I can't take them, so I'm constantly at war with myself. The only solutions that I have come up with are coffee (it actually CALMS people with ADD and ADHD), and through the years I have developed a CONSTANT state of meditation. I wish with all my being that there was a medication that I could take that would help me. My son is able to take them and he panics if he doesn't get them. The psychological problems of not being able to control yourself far outweigh the stigma of being on medication, especially for children. I highly recommend to anyone with children with either ADD or ADHD to get over yourself and do what is mentally good for your children. The hunger issue may be a problem, but if it is explained correctly to the child as a side effect of the medication that has to be overcome, most of the time the child will take on the challenge themselves. I hope this helps...