Type 1 and 35 Weeks Pregnant


my name is Amanda i'm 29 and have been a type 1 diabetic since October 25, 2001.  I have tried to have a baby for over 2 years and after taking clomid to help me ovulate i'm now pregnant and almost at the end of the pregnacy!!

I just thought that i'd let everyone know that if you have any questions about what its like to deal with pregnacy, your diabetes and all the millions of doctors appointments, ultrasounds, blood tests, fetal monitoring ect. that goes along with being a pregnant type 1, you can ask me.  I wish i had someone to talk to about this before i became pregnant so i'd like to help anyone out there that might have quesitons. 

I'm also a Medtronic Minimed pump user, and i also use a Glucose monitoring sensor which i dont wear all the time, just 3 days a week (they are expensive)  I also work full time and at 34.4 weeks i am still working. 

hope to hear from you if you have questions



Congrats on your impending motherhood, Amanda.   Enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy (if possible ;-).