Uncontrolled type 1 and Pregnancy(5weeks)

I am currently 5 weeks pregnant. This was not a planned pregnancy. I have had Type 1 for 10 years now. I just started to take better care of myself little over a few months ago. I went on the pump and it has changed me a lot. I have had a1c average about 13 every time. Im scared that this pregnancy will not go well. I have an appt. this week. But wanted to get advice from the source itself. I am wondering if there was anyone who has had uncontrolled diabetes for years and have gone through a pregnancy( good or bad) And ways to help the pregnancy for the future. thank you

Hey Brit. I am now 35 weeks pregnant and doing well. When I got pregnant my A1C was a 9 and I was not taking care of myself at all and hadn't really been since my early teens (I am 24). I found out I was pregnant at week 5 and IMMEDIATLEY jumped on it. It's HARD to get back into the habit, it sucks testing a million times a day and everything else, but it is so worth it, and believe it or not soon it will once again become second nature and you will wonder how you ever managed to go weeks at a time without testing your blood (i know I did). The pump is a wonderful tool, also look into the continuous glucose monitor, that helped me out ALOT. Just remember that the most important thing now is the little life growing inside of you, your decisions directly effect your child and you CAN do this! My A1C in now a 6.4 and my baby looks great on all ultrasounds with no diabetic complications so far. If you need help or support all us ladies on the board are here for you. You can email me at chelsealeaette@gmail.com anytime!

You can't change the past.  It sounds like you're doing better now and the pump will be a good tool as you go through your pregnancy.  No diabetic pregnancy is perfect.  Everyone has highs at some point, but just correct them ASAP and go on.  I'd also really recommend:

1) Sign up on www.babycenter.com  The weekly updates on your baby's development and your pregnancy are amazing.  Did you know that by 4 weeks your baby has a hearbeat?  It's so cool!

2) Get a copy of the book "Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes: Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby" by Cheryl Alkon.  There are many everyday, normal diabetics who have completely healthy babies.  

3) See if your hospital or other local groups offer exercise classes for expectant moms.  When the tiredness of your first trimester wears off it will feel really good to get some exercise and the classes also give you a chance to meet other moms-to-be.  

Take care and congratulations on your pregnancy.  Motherhood isn't easy, but it is a blessing.  You will be a really good mom.


Hi there. I am currently exactly 5 weeks pregnant too! Congratulations!  Our conception date was Sept 9. (I'm 29 years old) Ours was planned --down to the wire. I wanted to have a baby end of May & our due date is June 1, 2012. I'm so very happy for you! Is your due date the same? We tried for a boy. I've read medical journals-about how male/female sperm work. If it is true-then we will be having a boy. I'll be happy either way! :) I already want a jogging stroller! ha. I wish I knew the sex because I have already bought tons of stuff. If I can't use it for the sex it turns out to be--I guess I'll sell it on Ebay.

I am not on a pump but my ac1 was 6.1 & the year before that was 5.8!  I am trying to get on a pump but having an awful time with insurance---they are saying I'm 'not out of control enough' (isn't that terrible?!) Anyway, I have my 1st ultrasound Oct 10 so I can start seeing a diabetic pregnancy specialist. So frustrating that I have to go through all these steps to get help/support.  I love to exercise also. Hope I'm ready to give up my 6 pack. LOL Kidding. I test 10 times per day (and insurance won't cover more than that!!! GRRR) & give myself 5-7 little shots per day -kind of like having a pump I guess. Have you felt any different yet? The only thing is, I have very bad cramps on my left side-like period cramps. They said this is normal but I am a die-hard 'something must be wrong' type of person. So hopefully my worries will be answered in a week at my appt. Have you gained any weight yet? I have put on 4 pounds (even with running 7 6 miles 3x a week).

I would love to stay in contact because we will be traveling this journey exactly at the same time together!! Honestly, I don't think I could be more excited than I am right now. Enjoy every minute.

Take care,


Hi All,

I'm finishing my 13.week today ( expected delivery date is 24.5.2011, similar to yours)  and I'm pretty scared as well...

My A1C level was 7.5 when I got pregnant , a month ago it was 7.2 ...I'm now having A1C checks in a 2 weeks, will see how it goes cause I'm really trying so hard to keep my levels low..

I'm on a pump since February and my A1C went from 4.8 to 7.2. I'm not really sure the pump was the best choice :( but I'm really new, I was diagnosed diabetes last summer :(

Yesterday , I had an appointment and we discussed a lot  with my doc about things diabetes can cause to my baby :( I hate to think about it and I'm really worried.. my 1st screening was all ok and I'm having the next one on November 30.. I'm going through this staff all day long, searching for more info.. but it just make me feel worst.. truth is we cannot change the past now but we still can believe..

Brit , Chelsea. my doctor said yesterday, that she experienced pregnant lady with A1C above 10 and the baby was all ok an healthy.. !

take care

Hi Brit...

Don't get yourself crazy! I was in the exact boat my A1 C was an 11 when i found out i was 6 weeks preggo. I started eating right and testing like crazy again and I have actually experienced Low low low sugars my A1 C has been a 5 since. I am now in my 26 week and just starting to see my sugars going back up so now its time to start watching very close again! I agree with Chelsea totally sounds like we are all in the same position :)... But my point is don't get crazy now that you know about the lil guy inside take care and everything will be ok!  I have gotten ultrasounds every 3/4 weeks from week 6 and all has been great! My only complication was I got extreme leg swelling but everything tests out ok and the docs say it's only going to effect me not the baby!

Good luck to you and the same here is you just need an ear feel free to send me an email angla23@gmail.com