I'm really interested to know if any of you T1's have carried twins/multiples and what your experience was?

I've had T1 for 18 years and am currently undergoing infertility treatments.  I just had an insemination today and the doc thinks there is a good chance that it could result in multiples.  

I've tried looking into what research is out there about success rates with multiple births in T1 diabetics, but havent found much of anything- not even the text book that I saw on my doctor's shef about managing pre-existing diabetes in pregnancy had anything about multiples!


Hi Corinne,

I don't have personal experience with twins, but i did get pregnant twice through IVF and had 2 embryos transferred each time so there was definitely a chance for me.  I'm just as glad to have two singletons though!

But you may want to post your question at the diabetic mommy forum (  There are quite a few mums of twins there.  If you are pregnant with twins, your pregnancy will be considered "high risk" both for the multiples and the diabetes, but i don't think the two influence each other that much - other than perhaps insulin requirements going up even more than normal because of having two pancreases.

Good luck, hope you get that positive test in 2 weeks!


Hey Corinne,

I underwent lots of procedures to finally have my triplet girls. I am 25 weeks pregnant right now and pefectly healthy. The important things are to make sure your organs are healthy (heart, kidney, etc) and that your A1C is in good range...mine has been below 5.5. ;) I wear a pump and could not have been able to control my blood sugars without it. I also have CGM but don't use it often. don't worry about the multiples; things will work out ok if you are strict with controlling your blood sugars. contact me directly if you need specifics.

Hi Paula,

That is amazing and really inspirational!  Good luck!  3 baby girls, wow! :-)

I just got a positive pregnancy test today (yay!), and I see the doc tomorrow, so I'm starting to think more and more about this.

My doctor has suggested that I should reduce if its more than one (to add to the confusion, his partner disagrees and said I should reduce if its more than 2).  However, after spending 3 very sad and painful years undergoing infertility treatments, I'm struggling with this.   I'm curious to know if you had a similar discussion with your doc?  Was there any reaserch  that lead you/your doc and gave you the "green light" to move forward with multiples?   My fear is that if its multiples, and I dont reduce, that I would run the risk of miscarrying all.  I'm 30, have had Ty1 for 18 years and have no complications.  I'm also on a pump and CGM.

Also, just curious, are you still working?  I'm trying to decide if I should stop working and when.

Hi Corinne,


Congratulations!  I am currently 15 weeks pregnant with twins, T1 for 22 years.  My twinning was spontaneous; twinning runs heavily in my family.  When the twins were diagnosed on an ultrasound, and my husband and I talked with the medical team, they said that yes, twinning adds a level of complexity, but nothing we couldn't handle.  Like other people have said, just do whatever you need to keep blood sugars in control.  Have you read the book Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes: Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby, by Cheryl Alkon?  Doesn't address multiples that much, but has wonderful info about T1 and diabetes.  I recently got the book Everything You Need to Know to Have a Healthy Twin Pregnancy, by Gila Leiter,M.D., and her experience is with a lot of women pregnant via IVF.  It offers a different perspective.  Stay positive and healthy!  Good luck to you.

Hey, I just saw your post and was curious what happened and what decisions you made. I hope you're having a healthy pregnancy now -- fingers crossed!

Hi Sarah,

Thanks so much for asking. :-)  I am so, so happy to report that I am about 8 weeks pregnant with just one!  Not sure what I would have done if it had been two or more, but I'm so glad that I didnt have to make that decision.

Being pregnant is amazing- at the same time that I'm more scared, uptight and nervous than I've ever been, I'm also happier than I've ever been!

Congratulations on your pregnancy Corinne! I hope it goes smoothly.

If I could go back and do things again, I wish I had been less anxious during my pregnancy. It kept me from enjoying the experience b/c I was so stressed about every BG, test, etc. As long as you're trying your best, I hope you can relax and enjoy it too!