Tumeric pills

Someone mentioned taking Tumeric pills. Anyone try this? Any results or issues?

I take them for inflammation/trigger thumb. It got better, don’t know how much role the turmeric played

I take turmeric for hip and shoulder pain. It seems to help. I use both fresh and powdered turmeric. I have heard that it is more effective when it is heated (such as used in cooking), when it is taken with bioperine also called piperine, and when taken with fat (like cooking oil). I sometimes make a hot tea with it and add cream, a dash of piperine powder, and a tiny bit of sucralose.

I take 800-1600 per day in pill form for bone spurs in shoulder. Left shoulder clear up in 3 months. Right shoulder not as responsive due to bicep injury. No issues with glucose levels

I take 500 mg Tumeric/Curcumin but not consistently after reading claim to promote memory/mental health. I have not noticed any problems - potential help.
Is it supposed to help T1D?

A facebook friend suggested it will “cure” my sons diabetes. I found an article here that says it can have benefit for diabetic conditions.

I realize it is not a cure. Just wondering if anyone has real life experience with diabetes and tumeric use.