Tslim x2 + Dexcom 6: Is it working for you?

Have been on Tslim 2slim X2 since Nov 2018 w/ Dexcom 6 integration that helps reduce low blood sugars. Have only had 2 since then - which is amazing! Problem is often losing signal (no BGs for hours) and they never, ever, last 10 days as marketed. I have had 1 set that made it to 10 days. Is this common? Can’t wait for the closed loop upgrade Summer 2019. I switched from my beloved Omnipods to Tandem for the closed loop earlier. What is everyone else doing? Waiting, waiting for closed loop w/ accurate, lasting CGM so I can be like a sorta normal person. Have had T1 almost 40 years. No complications, yet. Did my own version of a pump w/ multiple insulins and frequent injections - I think it kept me healthy through those years when all we had was glucostrips and Glucometer.

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Our daughter uses the same system. LOVE the D6 and TSlim2. Her BG numbers are so accurate now it’s amazing! We had an issues with the D6 not lasting the full 10 days either. I called Dexcom and they sent me patches that are only available via them, that work amazing! We are now getting the full 10 days. And…if there is an error or problem with one, call them and they will replace it. They replaced several for us the first time that didn’t last the full 10 days. Just make sure that you keep the serial numbers, they will ask. :slight_smile:

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Patricia, similar background and years with T1. 29 year user of Medtronic pumps and recent new user of Tslim:X2. After a few months on the pump my experience is as follows:

  • Dexcom G6 is more accurate than Medtronic Enlite or Guardian. I am getting 10 days from the sensor. I have learned the sensor is pretty sensitive to scar tissue (40years…back to the days of beef/pork insulin and tissue damage…). You need a scar clear site with a little fat present to have stable interstitial fluid.

  • I am fond of the Tandem interface. It is easy to navigate. I also like the ability to control alarms. I dislike the pump case, as I wear thicker (not wider) leather belts and the clip does not like that. I have found the Type 1 Tactical (dumb name…good case) case to be superior for my use…solid…easy to access pump.

  • Filling the pump is not a big deal. I get the need for the multi-step procedure to control the thin form factor of the pump, and am willing to accept it. If you are older and have sight and/or hand coordination issues, the fill procedure may be an issue.

  • BasaliQ is solid and works better than my old Medtronic pump(s). Can’t wait for ControliQ. Tried the 670G and it just did not work for me, but have a friend that loves the system.

  • Tandem customer service and Dexcom (even with offshoring) customer service is better than my last 5-6 years of experience with Medtronic. Much more like what Minimed used to be.

Happy with the pump so far. Has its issues like all machines, but I have not experienced any that make me regret my choice. Hoping for future perfection…can live with today’s machine, while looking forward to ControliQ.


I am in the process of switching to the G6 and I am encourage by the comments here!! I will have to use it with my Medtronics 630g until Insurance says I can switch to the Tslim, but I am eagerly awaiting the move OFF of the Medtronics pump. they have certainly gone down in service and products over the last 10 or so years. I am on my 3rd Medtronics pump now and this one is my least favorite and the Enlite sensors just don’t seem to get good readings.
Not sure what the ‘patches’ are that the one person referred to for the G6 but I hope to get 10 days out of the sensors!! :slight_smile:

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One of the challenges we will all deal with as sensors last longer is keeping the little rascal stuck in-place. Each of us have different skin sensitivities (rashes due to adhesive…skin irritation from having the sensor in the skin…oily skin…etc.).

The reference previously to the patch is an overlay adhesive tape patch (hole cutout in the tape to allow the sensor to poke through) to keep the sensor in-place for the full 10 days…or longer if you pirate the sensor. SkinGrip is the company I have tried (can buy direct or on Amazon). It is very similar to athletic tape material, ad does not damage my skin. However, I can avoid using the extra adhesive tape if I insert the sensor post shower or wash the area (soap and water) prior insertion…10 days no problem.

You can also use Skin-Tac to give the adhesive a little boost in stickiness. I find the stuff effective but messy. Just not for me, but it works. I have a hard time applying Skin-Tac to my arm insertion site, while leaving a clear area where the sensor insertion will be (wish it was because I have such huge guns…but I just can’t see around my arm…bummer).

The “overpatches” are a product of Dexcom. You may need to call Dexcom customer service to request them. They come in a package of 10, and they may actually be free of charge if you phone in to request them. At least that is my experience … with the one package that I have requested, to date.

Good to hear info on Medtronic closed loop as compared to Tandem. Looking forward to the complete package from Tandem this summer. I spoke to Tandem and Dexcom the other day about “why” my CGM sets don’t make it to 10d when the G4, G5 made it longer, with help. I think there is something to the interface but, not sure. They told me when changing sets to give it 10-15 mins before starting new set. I have had a few that think I am restarting the old sensor. I have also had bleed outs due to force of the inserter - may be due to being on Vascepa - not sure. Vascepa is refined fish oil - prescription - could be thinning blood enough. I just try to insert into a fatty spot. I do get irritated w/ the tubing and the filling procedure but, not enough to go back to something that is not on the path to closed loop. I saw Insulet is almost there - it could be a deal breaker if it is as good as Tandem. I also saw Tandem was looking at a patch pump. I think in the next 2 -4 years we will have lots of options and I am glad I am not in a warranty period per se. I got my Tandem out of pocket (1k) for a lease and my Insulet is up in 2020. I wish you all well and may we all have better BG control!

On the overlays - I have tried a few that are much better than the ones provided by Dexcom. I always got irritation w/ the old Tegaderm patches and these seem to be made from the same stuff. Good news is that they give them to you. The one’s I like are material like and move with you…Expression Meds are my favorite - Dexcom - ExpressionMed For kids there are GrifGrips. Here is a link to patch reviews: Dexcom Patch Review: How to Make Your CGM Stay on Longer - Diabetes Strong

Just got an update from Dexcom today that we may be able to get them under a pharmacy benefit which means the supplies are as close to you as your local pharmacy – I remember this benefit w/ Medrtonic when I worked at a teaching hospital. Let’s hope the insurance companies get on board and they are available at a lot of locations.

The patches keep the sensors from falling off if you often have skin that is sweaty or oily.