Aflac :P

I tried to sign up for Aflac at work. (For those of you not in the U.S., it's extra insurance beyond medical in case you are suddenly injured or something. They'll give you additional money to cover daily expenses...). I was denied (w/o even a medical review) b/c of the T1. I talked to my head of HR and she called and argued it w/ them, saying I have the a1c of a non-diabetic, no complications, approved for life insurance in the last few years, etc. etc. I just got an email back from her ... still no. They'll agree to cover a small amount, like if I was in a car accident. But, if I got cancer, etc (UNrelated to the D), nothing. It's small things like that every once in a while that remind you that you aren't "normal." I worry that if I did get sick or something, I'm not insured enough to support my family. My life insurance is also a small amount b/c it's more expensive b/c of the D, but at least they did a medical review and took my good control into account. Have you all had the same experience w/ Aflac?

Same thing happened to me a few months ago

Ugh! I feel your pain.  I applied for life insurance a few months ago and got the big fat DENIED because of D.  I wish they would actually look at each case (I'm like you, in good health with a great A1C) but all they look at is the D and it's a blanket NO.  So frustrating!