Trying to help prevent BG spikes

I am dealing with blood sugar spikes about 30 minutes after meals
I am trying to find more low carb, high protein foods to help and avoid foods that spike me
Anybody else experience this?

it is very common for your blood sugar to go up after eating sugar. non-diabetics experience this as well. it can be a bit worse for us because “fast” insulin is not really so fast.

The most common frame of reverence is “2 hours postprandial” if you test or use your CGM, at the 2 hour mark after you eat, your bs should be 50 points (mg/dl) above your pre meal bs.

along the same lines of thinking, there is no peak if you try a low-carb or no carb diet.

a trick (this can be dangerous) is to inject (or bolus) before you eat. fast acting is working at +30 minutes. if you inject or bolus at 15 or 20 minutes before you eat, it might help with that first hour. this can be dangerous or cause hypo so please don’t do this if you are uncomfortable with tweaking your insulin.

complete avoidance of fast carbs like sugar, simple grain breads, rice, potato, etc. could also work.

inhaled insulin starts to work in 5 minutes. this could be another/alternate strategy for you.

I’ve never really worried about it myself.