Trying the new one touch delica

I just wanted to share with everyone that we are trying the new one touch delica lancet device. The rep for the company gave one to us to try. And Chasey loves it. She says it doesn't hurt at all. The first time she used it she didn't think it had even poked her and was getting ready to poke again until we saw the blood. I think she likes it enough that we are going to switch to it all the time.  Anyone else tried this brand and like it to?

i tried it but i still like my accu chek lancet device better it doesn't hurt either and it has a barrel. I think the delica lancets are hard to get out of the device.


Even though i use one touch meters i have an accu chek lancet device that i love

My son tried it. We got one from the endo He said it hurt. He likes the accu- ckek also. 


We were using the contour link lancet device that came with Chasey's pump. It's a little on the bigger side and vibrates a fair bit, so for us this is an improvement but now I am curious about the one mentioned above.

I like the delica =] I just got one in my new one touch mini

Very good to know! It caught my eye on the shelf at the pharmacy last week, so I might just have to try it out. I'll keep you posted :)

the Accu-chek lancet device is lovely!! It doesn't hurt at all even on 41/2 (of 5 or 6) it doesn't hurt as much as the other lancet devices!! and it has a barrel which i love it stores 6 at once and it's very easy to use! you push it in and then push a button it's that simple

Here's a link to their website: it's on the lancet device page

I got the Delica yesterday from the pharmacy, and after using it for a day, I have mixed feelings.

PRO: sleek design makes it easy to hold, definitely do not feel the needle as much, does not have the usual sense of discomfort after pricking.

CONS: feels a little fragile (like it was shoddy construction), sometimes hard to pull the trigger back.

I'm going to give it a try for 10 days and see what the final verdict is!

Hello, My 5 year old son was just diagnosed this september. We were given the one touch delica in the hospital. It doesnt bother him at all but that is all he knows. If there is a better one you know of please tell....thx



I don't know if they are necessarly "better"  but you should experiment. As mentioned earlier my 15 year old has tried them all. Some he liked etc. Of the ones he liked I looked for convenience. He was not a big fan of the Delica - he also thought it was flimsy and unstable.  His personal favorite is still the Accu chek Multiclix. It is a bit thicker but about the same length as a black magic marker. The thing we like is that it contains a cartridge that holds 6 lancets. Easy and fast to change. Just dial a new one and replace.

It is much easier than taking a single one out - putting it in the device and twisting off the cap to expose the needle but each has an advantage to the user.  Ask your endo. I bet he has a nice supply of them.


Chasey said she likes the delica because it is small and she is only 6 and does all her own poking. She can also change the lancet herself. There is less vibration compared to the other one that she was using. She has tried lots of different ones and the delica is her fav so far I think. Or at least that is what she tells me, but again she is only 6. I am sure we will go through numerous ones before it is all said and done.

I use the oldest lancet device ever.  It's from like 3 meters ago, but I can do it one handed while driving, so that's that. :)


The Accucheck Multiclix is definitely my favorite, my endo (also a diabetic) suggested it. Having the barrel is such a huge win, it makes the whole process (repeated ad nauseum) a lot quicker by removing a step.


I used to use the awful awful freestyle lancet device. AWFUL. Never again.

I also practically never reuse a lancet now (which is a lot better on your fingers) because it's so easy to get a new one.

OH. Also Accucheck has a great case, it's more firm (so it's easier to prop open on a bathroom counter) than the freestyle case (which is this awful flimsy nylon). So now i have these Accucheck meters (which i never use, nor have strips for) because I've cannibalized them for their cases and lancet devices:)

My son uses the Accucheck Multiclix too.  We like it because there is never an exposed lancet and using it is almost hassle free.  I would think younger kids or those newly-diagnosed would like not having to see the individual lancet.  Having no exposed lancet seems to give the folks at school more piece of mind when he uses it during class.  He just keeps the old ones in his bag until he comes home, and there is never an exposed "sharp".