Tru Steel infusion set/t:slim x2

My daughter is going to be starting her first pump within the next two weeks. She is getting the tandem t:slim x2. We ordered the Tru steel infusion set. She is 8 years old and is very lean. Does anyone else’s child have experience with this infusion set. Does it hurt more or less than another infusion set? Could you recommend comfortable sites?


Emma, first welcome back. I am a 20+ year pumper. I have always used what is now supplied by Tandem as the AutoSoft XC with 43 inch tubing or its namesakes when I was on other brands of pumps. I have tried the TruSteel. It turned the tissue around the insertion site to what I can only describe as hamburger.

I have read many parental comments on other sites with mixed reports. There will always be an 80% - 20% split followed by a 20% - 80% split. Meaning there is an even distribution of those in favor of TruSteel and those opposed.

Things I can tell you about site selection are these:

  1. Where will she accept this ‘new thing’?
  2. Where do you think she has enough tissue to hold the site set?
  3. Were does her pediatric endo team (MD, CDE, pump trainer, etc) believe the pump will go well?
  4. Will there be enough tubing to allow someone to work the pump to help her enter her meal boluses? (why I use 43" tubing - better to have & not need than need & not have).
  5. An 8 year old can be very active. How rough & tumble is she?

Hope this is a start and you get good answers.

Please share what you decide. It helps us all learn.

Hi @Emma5602. I really Really Really REALLY REALLY wish people could get samples to try before choosing a set. I’ve used the product @987jaj referenced for ages - in fact have never used steel - and they’ve worked well for me, but it would be nice to “take a test drive” rather than feel look I lucked out.
You’ve already placed your order, which may have a 90 day supply; but next time around - or now if you can make an exchange - perhaps you could request a box of each different type. The product description indicates which are for leaner bodies so that will help you narrow down the options. You might be committed to the box once you’ve opened it (perhaps barring some sort of allergic reaction - don’t know) but at least you would only be committed for a relatively short time. And you should be able to mix and match - the rx probably specifies a certain quantity of Tandem sets but you can choose the style or styles you want when you place the order.
Another and perhaps more practical option might be to see if your Tandem rep or DNE has ones you could try out.
Wishing you all the best! BTW, you might need to invest in a sharps disposal container. The sets I use come in an inserter that sensors open or closed but I don’t know about the steel ones.

My daughter used the Tandem Autosoft insets for quite a while. The problem we had with them was that, once in a while, the cannula bent when we inserted it which we didn’t know until her BG was doubling up (according to the CGM).
For the past year, she’s been using the TruSteel insets which have been great. The downside of the TruSteel is that the insertion seems to be more painful and sometimes she can actually feel the steel cannula when she moves around.
My daughter is neither skinny nor plump. If she were really lean, I might be more hesitant to use the TruSteel insets. I wonder if it might be possible to ask your endo to prescribe 2 different kinds so that you could “test drive” them.

I forgot to comment on “comfortable sites”. Our daughter’s belly seems to be the place where she experiences the least pain with inset insertion. The upper buttock area works well too although with the TruSteel, your daughter might at times somehow feel the cannula when she sits in a chair.
In any case, it’s important not to over-use any one injection site area. Some people only use their belly for years and years and that’s not recommended because one can develop fatty deposits which eventually hinder insulin absorption.

I am not an 8 year old, but I am fairly lean. I do use the Tru Steel and can use it on portions of my belly (only place that I have some fat!). I’ve actually had better luck with this than the soft sets which sometimes would kink/bend on insertion. The downside is that you can at times feel it so it takes a while to find spots you can use without discomfort. You may have to try around a few times, both with different sites and maybe even try out the soft ones.

I am not a child, but am very lean and have a hard time with TruSteel as the metal can rub against a muscle which is not comfortable for me as an adult and could be really tough for an 8 year old. Just put it in the fattiest area she has and I hope that it works for you. I do not have trouble with the autosoft 30’s getting kinked and the angled insertion means you can get it in areas that are quite lean; it is also very comfortable and sticks better for me than TruSteel…