Tresiba insulin , Your Experience Please

My teen daughter has been on Lantus since being a toddler and recently her endo thought she may want to try Tresidba instead of Lantus since she usually uses a 2 to 3-hour range for Lantus versus every day the same time. I have vaguely heard mixed reviews of Tresiba here and there. Wondering what your experience is in switching from Lantus to Tresiba. Thanks!

Hello - I’ve been using Tresiba for the past several years and love it. I never used Lantus, had been using Levemir 2x daily but suffered from dawn phenomenon with Levemir. Tresiba keeps me very steady, my endo who is very highly credentialed recommend the switch as Tresiba is the “ flattest” insulin of all ( no peaks).
I take by syringe, diagnosed with T1D 48 years ago. Am considering switching to the pump but am very well- controlled (in range 90% of the time according to CGM) so hesitant to change anything.
Any other questions let me know :blush:


Hello, my daughter was diagnosed in late December of last year and was immediately put on Lantus since this was what our insurance covered. She was given it at the same time every evening, but we noticed every afternoon that her numbers would jump up and we would play catch all evening trying to get her numbers in range by the time she went to bed. It was almost like there was a void when the Lantus would wear off. My husband did research on Tresiba and we asked the drs if we could try it and then notified our insurance that she was having issues with the Lantus (it was causing burning as well) and it was covered. She’s been on the Tresiba for over a month now and we have seen such a difference in the amount of time she is in range. We’ve even had to decrease the amount because she was going low. She also likes that it doesn’t sting. Hope this helps.

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Before I switched to a pump, tresiba was my favorite long acting. I did have a small problem of lows around 3-4am…never figured that out so I went to a pump.
If I went back to needles, that would be my first choice though…