Travelling to India

My son ,16 years, is going on a sch trip next week to India for 10 days. A few questions for parents please…
The diabetic team suggested not putting any insulin in the hold as it will freeze. Realky? Anyone have any experience of insulin freezing.
Also, does it seem OTT to ask my son to message me once a day re blood sugars? Teachers are going on the trip. Its the longest time since being diagnosed that he has been away from home and the furthest away. I am anxious about the trip tbh yet proud of myself for allowing him to go. Please comment on how often, if at all, ppl think we should contact him.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi. First let me say that you don’t need to worry about keeping insulin cool for only 10 days. I travelled the middle east for 3 months 15 years ago, with no refrigeration. Only towards the very end did it slightly lose efficacy. So one less problem (BTW - freezing destroys the insulin).

In terms of communication, download the PredictBGL app as the first month is free. Your son can log his data with this and you can also see exactly what is going on - ALL the time. Assuming your son is on MDI or pump this is very easy to setup.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

hi @morseyami, I travel a lot, I would NOT, ever, check my medicine or supplies. I always, always, “carry on” my insulin and supplies.

The baggage hold is heated, unless there is a problem with the airplane anything that gets checked will stay above freezing. I have lost a lot of baggage and so that’s why I only check items that I am not afraid to lose.

cheers good luck I just got back from India on a business trip.