Travelling from Canada to Las Vegas!

So..I've never traveled to the states before by Plane(only by the Coho to WA for a night)..nor have I ever been in a Commerical Plane(my bro flew me over Vic once in a 4-person cessna, I've been a 12-person cessna and a 20-person cessna).

My dad works in the Film Industry and flys all over Canada/the States for October he's going to Las Vegas again and invited me along with him. Of course never having been anywhere in the States other than Silverdale..I wanna go!

I know this is waaay early..but better to start early and get everything together right?

I'm just not sure what to do about my supplies. I can get travel insurance through my work benefits no problem, and I'll only be gone 4-5days including travel.

I had a list of stuff for when I was planning on going to Coachella in 2008..but I have no idea where that list went..(probably in the trash as I didn't expect to ever fly to the States).


Also, as excited as I am about the idea of it..I'm worried about the heat. My bloodsugars tend to go high when it's summer and we get heatwaves here. Will Las Vegas be as hot as it is in October as it is in the summer? It would be AWESOME not to have highs the whole time I'm there like at the Pemberton Festival!


oh and I'm not on the pump, so it's just dealing with my needles and insulin.