Traveling with medtronic 670g and guardian 3 sensors

I’m new to pumping and CGM. I will soon be traveling. I understand that the 670g, transmitter and an inserted sensor cannot go though x ray (or the airport body scanners). My question is about spare guardian 3 sensors. Can they go through the standard airport carryon screening or do the sensors have to be pulled out of carryon and hand inspected by an officer. I’ve called and asked Medtronic twice on this with different answers - one was sensors cannot be xrayed - they must be hand inspected. The other time what I got was its okay for your spare sensors to go through standard airport carryon screening (e.g. they can be xrayed). Does anyone know what the correct answer is? Checked their travel web page but could not find anything on this situation.

Hi Kathy,

I’ve used Medtronic sensors before and here’s the right answer to your question!
The device you wear on your body has the sensor and transmitter components. The transmitter is the part that cannot go through the body scanners, but the sensor part can. So, for your extra sensors in your bag, those will be fine to go through the x-ray machine in your bag. A TSA agent may pull your bag aside to check out what’s in there, but I’ve only had that happen once (and I’ve traveled a fair amount) and as soon as I told them I was T1D, they didn’t have a problem.
Keep in mind that you can still go through metal detectors with your transmitter, and if you want to be on the cautious side, you can ask to be wanded or do a pat down.

I’ve traveled a few times since getting the 670 and GCM. I’ve gone through the metal detector and body scanner wearing both. No problem. I’ve put extra GCMs through the carry-on X-ray without an issue. Medtronic says to never put the pump through the carry-on X-ray.

As you go through, tell TSA you’re wearing a medical device. All seem to know how to handle it. Especially in busy airports.

I always request a pat down and never walk through the scanners. I used to get my supplies manually checked although it got rather tedious and eventually I just gave up and have the supplies (insulin etc go through. I, my pump, and cgm always have a pat down.
I always get a letter from my doc before I fly saying hat I am a type one diabetic and need to carry certain medical supplies that the doctor lists (my doc (endo) has a standard letter he uses.
Hope you have a great trip.

Hi Kathy. I have already passed both the sensors and the transmitter through the x-ray and everything seemed to work fine afterwards, but I don’t know if I was just lucky! I do fly a lot though as my family lives in a different country!
Definitely fine to go through the scan, sometimes I don’t even inform the security staff anymore that I have a pump as most of the time is not even signalled by the scan and saves you time. If you tell them they will always want to do more tests to the pump and possibly a pat-down.

Thanks for the help. I really do appreciate it.

This leads to another non-travel question. Has anyone dealt with dental xrays? My dentist uses digital xray along with the good old protective apron. With the apron over you, do you still need to remove the pump and transmitter or do the aprons provide enough protection. I don’t have an issue taking the pump off an leaving with the front desk for the xray, but the transmitter is really a pain to have to mess around with.

Again - thanks for the help.

I’ve been to Europe 3 times and nobody ever stops to inspect my pump supplies. I keep all of my pump supplies, insulin and other meds in my carry on bag, along with my doctors’ names and phone numbers. I usually ask my pcp for a letter describing my health issues and the medications that I’m travelling with. I use Medtronic supplies, including sensors, but I’m still using the 530 series. My upgrade isn’t until next year. Nevertheless, it goes right through the airport scanners and my small suitcase has never been opened for inspection. I’ve been asked about the pump and the sensor on my body, but that’s it. I think it might depend on who is at the scanner at the time. Happy travels!

the lead apron is plenty. I would suggest you remove the pump, CGM sensor and transmitter if you ever get an MRI because… well that would be bad.

Hi Kathy @kkavolinas, this should have been the start of a new topic line, but I’ll make a short reply here.
As long as you can hold your pump under the lead apron, and be in a position that your CGM things are also under the apron there isn’t any reason to remove them.
For chest x-ray, echocardiogram, gamma scan, and other full-body scans I have removed my pump and left it outside all enclosure.

Like many here, I’ve flown in the U.S. and overseas with pump and CGM (Animas, Dexcom) with ZERO problems, none, going thru x-ray personally and bag going thru with supplies.
TSA folks now know what a pump is. Some even know about the CGM sensors.
U may likely get patted down and swabbed but the screenings/x-rays have never hurt any device, ever. Like others i have a doc’s letter. It explains carrying juice and other liquids (insulin) kept in separate clear bag.

If you get TSA PRE they almost always put you thru the medal detector so then there is no problem
But the insulin pump and CGM from metronic old and new cannot go thru scanners or X-ray’s the assorted supplies sensors etc can
So if they insist you go thru you have to be asked to be patted down
Most TSA agents are reasonable but I have had some that can be nasty

You absolutely can go thru the scanners with your sensor inserted. And almost all the time they will have you hold the pump outside the scanner while they pass you thru it. Then they will scan the pump separately. So you do not have to disconnect the pump from your body. Insulin pumps are one of the most frequent medical devices they have to deal with, so they are used to it. Carry a diabetic card or ID tag with you–good practice anyway–in case they ask for evidence. Have your endocrinologlist’s name and number on you, too, or memorized.

(Disclaimer: this is my personal experience and not medical or manufacturer’s guidance) I’ve had both dental and medical x-rays wearing the 670G pump, sensor, transmitter and infusion set with no issues. I’ve never had a case where any x-ray caused any part of the 670g to malfunction. I do not fly a lot so I can’t speak to those x-rays but my aexpectation is there would not be any issue(s).

Hi, I noticed you still use the 530. I have the guardian CGM too. Are you well managed using these? My sugar would have extreme variances without the CGM . I haven’t tried my pump since I received the CGM. I’ve been using MDIs with long and short term injections. Thanks for reading . I have NO REFERENCE to speak to and my endo can only see me about every six months . I want to live and keep a1 c down.