'Track3' Diabetes Device to Help You 'Stay on Track' - Diabetes Month Awareness

For 'Diabetes Month Awareness' make a promise to yourself to 'Stay on Track' with your Diabetes Management!  Let the 'Track3' Electronic Device help you 'simplify' your diabetes and reach your goals!  The 'Track3' is a Diabetes Planner, Carb Counter, Insulin Dose Calculator, Recipe Calculator, Exercise Guide, and Logger all in one small handheld device.....Easy to use 'software' keeps your records up-to-date and ready to share with your health provider!  The 'Track3' has over 50,000 foods, to include over 250 Restaurants & 500 Brands.  You can save your Favorite Foods, Meals, and Recipes.  A NEW Insulin Dose Calculator has been added to help with your Insulin Dosing per your Ratios!  

Dedicate to yourself and your health to 'stay on track'!  For more information go to:  www.track3dmd.com

A portion of the proceeds are Donated to Diabetes Charities!