'Insulin Calculator' Added to 'Track3' Diabetes Device!

A NEW Addition to the 'Track3' Electronic Diabetes Device is an "Insulin Dose Calculator" to help with Meal-time Insulin Therapy!  This is a 'great' feature for those of you who struggle with figuring your Insulin Doses per your Carb/BG Ratios!!  

When my son was diagnosed with T1 6 years ago, two of the most frustrating and difficult parts for us was figuring the Carbs and Insulin Doses.....with the 'Track3' device you can look up your Carbs and figure your Insulin Dose all at the 'touch of a finger'!!  Everything is logged and saved for future use!

For more information on these great Devices, please visit:  www.track3DMD.com .  The devices are $79.99 and well worth the investment!  A portion of the proceeds from this website are donated back to JDRF and other Diabetes Charities.