its been forever since i've been on here :(

tomorrow im leaving for the first time to go back to Iowa to visit my family for thanksgiving. my family is full of diabetics that dont take care of themselves. so im really hoping that if they see i can do it then they can too :)

i have two nephews and im really worried my 2 years old nephew is gonna wanna rip my pump out lol. he's a little turd like that. any advice on how to tell him not to touch but still showing him at the same time? he knows shots are "owies" and doesnt get in the middle but this is just some cool looking thing attached to my stomach to him lol

Hi Liz,

I can only tell you my experience with a Curious George. I received my pump when my little boy was 1 1/2 years young. He was always interested in what my pump was, but never touched it. I explained to him that it was "daddy's medicine" and somehow, he understood. To this day (he's 4 now), whenever I'm priming my pump, he wants to watch the "bubbles" come out of the tip. And, he helps me count from 1 to 3 for my injection.

I'm proud of you for taking good care of yourself and wanting to be a role model for your family. That's terrific! I hope it works for you and them.

And have the best Thanksgiving, ever!

Best wishes!