Todd's Paraylsis and Headaches

My daughter (3 years old and diagnosed in Novemeber of this year) and a really strange bout last night.  She came into my room, lied down with me for a bit.  When I told her we had to back to her room, she told me she was "wiggly" (her feelings of a low).  I checked her blood (4.2 - not "low enough - normally), gave her a little snack and went to lie with her in her bed.  She complained her arm was cold, so I tucked it under the blankets and snuggles with her. 10 min. later, she started saying how sore her head was.  Soon, she crying because her head hurt so much.  I went to wake my husband up, because I thought we shuold go to the hospital. 15 min. later, he went to get her dressed and pick her up and realized, she couldn't move her left arm or leg. (she was 'paralyzed')  Went to the hosptial (45 min drive), she threw up on the way there.  Called 911, ambulance came, blah blah...  Doctor said this was ALL a result of low blood sugar!!!!  I can't believe it!  I called our Diabetes doctor and he mentioned something called Todd's Paralysis. 

When I have done research on it, all I can find is that it is from the result of a seizure!  Anybody know a little more about it from a diabetes stand point?  I need to learn more, but can't find any info!  AND I don't want to experience this again!


Any advice would be appreciated!  Thank You!

Brandi - the little research I did sounded like it could be caused by a variety of different conditions that can lead to seizures. Certainly a low blood sugar can lead to a seizure, but it doesn't sound like your daughter ever had a seizure from a low BG that evening?

I would press for more tests to see if there is anything else going on. OUr son (3.5 yr at dx) was diagnosed with Lyme's disease about 6 weeks after his diabetes diagnosis. It took 3 weeks to get a diagnosis for that, because his symptoms were so non-descript in general. (I noticed both Lyme's and West Nile cause Todd's Paralysis. I don't know where you live, but maybe she had that infection for a while but with the new diabetes dx it is hard to figure out what is all going on. Those at least would be easy blood tests to have done.)