Thinking about getting a CGMS but not a pump user

I could use some opinions on the different CGMS' out there. i'm a non pump user, but would like to use a CGMS. I was thinking about the dexcom seven. can anyone give me feedback about it or the freestyle? also, how is it wearing the senor all the time? does it get in the way of dressing/sleeping/exercise etc.



I would do the trial for each of them.  I really liked the Guardian RT and it worked a lot better for me, though a number of people have said that the Dexcom was far more accurate for them - which makes me think (as with so many things) everyone is different. 


I have no problem being active, working out, toddler wrestling, working on my house, crawling around in my attic, etc. with the sensor.  And keep in mind, I am on the Navigator which is the largest of the three.  I do have to use additional tape. 


One of my biggest requirements was overnight accuracy.  Of the three, the MM and Nav both work pretty well for me in that area.  The reason for me going with the Freestyle Nav is that it hides the needle and if you have read any of my other posts, you may already know – I’m a big ol’ coward where needles are concerned. 


I know Dexcom does a trial and I think, if you call your MM rep while you have the Dex trial, you may be able to talk them into letting you wear ‘em head t’ head….  Navigator is strictly money back guarantee unless your doc’s office has a loaner unit.


I hope some of this is either helpful or at the least not more confounding…