Dexcom - anyone use one?

I was wondering if anyone out there has any experience with the Dexcom CGM ? My doctor has one that we can try out, along with the FreeStyle Navigator CGM. However, the Dexcom she has (she has 3) all worked fine at first, but now are nothing but problems. So much so, that she has stopped ordering the sensors for us to try out because the have just had too much trouble with them.

I am looking into the Dexcom systen because they are working with Omnipod to create a system that will work together and I am really looking at the Omnipod as my choice for an insulin pump.

If anyone has any experience that they would like to share with the Dexcom, or any advice...I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks so much :)

Linda Gayle


Hey Linda Gayle,

I use the DexCom and am a fan.  I haven't used any other CGM systems, but for my needs the DexCom works great.  My favorite part is the 7 day sensor as I need it to last for a full race weekend (I am a professional open wheel racing driver).  Also, the size of the sensor and sensor wire work well for me even though I am very lean.  And while, from what I have heard, all the CGM's have their issues, I have been very happy with my DexCom.  They just launched their new 'Seven Plus' which apparently has a bunch of neat new features.  If you have any questions- just drop me a message on here.



I LOVE my Dexcom!!!! I've been using it for two weeks and I had a weeklong trial before that...I didn't want to take it out and send it back to the rep! The sensor is so easy to use and it doesn't take very long to get used to, it just feels like another pump site really. The thing I love most about it is how accurate it is. As you probably know, it checks you every 5 minutes and you only have to calibrate it every 12 hours.  I've found the trends are very helpful in management of my diabetes and I hope to see my A1c decrease. You can correct for a higher blood sugar before you actually go above 200 according to the arrows (or vice versa for lows). It fits in very well to my active lifestyle. I definitely recommend it!

I used the old dexcom 7 system back in 2007 and got a lot of errors -- I wonder if that's what she had as her sample. I stopped using it b/c of the frustration, but I began using their new 7 plus system a few months ago. I love it and am totally addicted. During the 2 hours each week where I change my sensor, I walk around feeling lost, not knowing my BG! I literally never go anywhere w/o it. I drove 6 hours by myself to visit a friend a couple of months ago, and I felt great knowing I had that continuous information while driving alone.

The first 2-3 weeks of the 7 plus system, I got very few errors (my problem w/ the old system), but I didn't like it as much. I'd advise giving it at least a month's try. It took me a bit to find the places on my stomach w/ the least scar tissue to insert the sensors and get accurate readings. It also takes a bit of time to get used to not over-treating lows, b/c there's a lag once a low starts coming up, and it can lead to crazy rollercoaster numbers at first if you don't know that.

I recently went through a one week trial on the Dexcom at my doctors request....  I tend to go low very often, especially after the gym.  I have yet to be exposed to any other CGMs but I will say that I really did enjoy the benefits of this real time logger, and its alarm settings.  There really weren't any problems that I could come up with other than be careful of your site locations.  Mine was right around the kidney/belt region, so after about 5 days it started to come out. 

I started using my Dexcom in Jan, 2010. I had very little agreement with my BG meter in the first month, even though I followed the Dex manual very closely. There are things not mentioned in the manual that have made a big difference for me. There is a Dexcom Users group on that is excellent. It has more than 200 members. That is where I found all the great help.

For instance, i found that  I should never place my sensor to far to the side of my abdomen. I seeo on my sides and the sensor was being squished against the mattress. That killed the accuracy of my CGM. I was getting alarms for highs/lows that did not exist. Now I choose sensor sites near the center of my abdomen, but not too close to my navel. It works great there 24/7. A couple of people responded that they did not have this problem, but they were small women who did not weigh much. I weigh 212. I am 12 pounds overweight ( supposed to be 170-200) and that heavier weight caused the problem with my Dexcom. sensor while lying on my side.

There are several other things I learned from the more experienced members of that group.

Richard, that's good advice, but I'd also warn people to be careful in the middle of the abdomen if you have scar tissue from shots or pump sites. Also, don't inject insulin within 3 inches of the dexcom sensor. I really think it takes some trial and error to find the right spot...

I've used a Dexcom since March, 2007. So I've been three several upgrades and still love it. Just remember there are NO perfect CGMs out there, just like meters you have to find one that works for you.

For me, my A1C has gone from the high 8s to between 6.6 and 7.2 thanks to the Dexcom and I've less lows overall. Mind you I still get annoyed when it alarms me just when I'm dropping off to sleep.

The word is that the Omnipod application is in with the FDA, so now it's a question of how fast they will process it. If you can, I'd suggest waiting until this happens (probably 3-6 months) because then you won't have to pay an upgrade fee of any sort.