The Joslin Medalst Study

There is a major research project going on in Boston called the Joslin Medalist Study. Every participant has been type 1 diabetic for 50 years, or more. I have been type 1 for 65 years, and participated in the Study in 2009. They hope to find the factors that have enabled us long term diabetics to live so long without any serious complications. If found, that could lead to a treatment that could be used by young type 1 diabetics, so they could have long, healthy lives too. The Study is ongoing and is funded by JDRF and NIH.

The Joslin Medalist Program:

[url=]Medalist Program | Joslin Diabetes Center[/url]

The Joslin Medalists:

[url=]Joslin Medalists | NDRI: National Disease Research Interchange[/url]

Background Of The Joslin Medalist Study:

[url=]50-Year Medalist Study | Joslin Diabetes Center[/url]

I was at Joslin this week to participate in this study, and encourage all living with Type 1 for 50+ years to participate.

Thanks for providing these links, Richard.  This study sounds fascinating.  Can't wait to see what the results show. 

I've had T1 for 48 years and am amazed that I am in such good health considering that my control has not always been good.  And also considering that treatment methods were not as advanced when I was diagnosed.

Please keep posting updates to the Joslin Medalist Study!

Thanks for your replies Joann and Anita!

[quote user="Anita Boland"]And also considering that treatment methods were not as advanced when I was diagnosed.[/quote]

Anita, what you have said is also true of virtually everyone of the medalists in the study. There wasn't any way of doing your own BG test until the 1980s. Before that, all we had was urine tests. So, decent control then was almost impossible.

I'm looking forward to seeing most of you in Boston in June.