The beginning of my Journey


I’m not sure if this is allowed, but reading at all these posts bring back memories and lots of feelings…I’m currently writing a blog where I talk about my life with diabetes and specifically how it all started. I got diagnosed as an adult (at 33), and took it pretty bad, but now it’s just part of who I am and don’t think much about it.
If anyone is interested, you can read about it here:
I’d love to connect and have feedback from people who are in the same boat.

Thanks and keep strong, it will get better!

You capture all the feelings of trying to adjust to life with diabetes so well. Thanks for sharing this.

We are close to the same age but I was diagnosed as a young child, still our experiences aren’t that much different. It’s funny how whether you are 4 or 32 when you find out you have to give yourself shots, you still cry and the doctors all act like it’s no big deal…