Test strip money issue


I've been having trouble paying the copay for my one touch test strips.  If i get a store brand meter (I'm looking at CVS), will insurance charge me the generic copay, or will I be stuck with the name brand copay?


If it depends on the insurance policy, how can I find out? 


I really appreciate the help.  The CGM sensors have made me a little empty in the pockets....



Hi Sonja,

As far as what your insurance policies are, you really have to call them find out directly.  The insurance companies, and different policies are so vastly different.

But I'll tell you what I've been doing.  Yes, the CGM sensors are VERY expensive!  I started them recently, and even with the insurance paying 80%, (which mine does) it can get costly replacing them every 3 days, as Minimed wants (sure they do).  A friend has the Dexcom and though they are a bit cheaper and per the FDA can be worn 10 days, she tried wearing them longer and can get a month with no problems.  So I tried with the Minimed sensors, and I also can get a month (if I'm very, very careful not to pull the sensor out when I disconnect the transmitter to recharge.)  I also take care to keep the area clean, and cover it with IV pad, (which I buy online.)

As for strips, are you buying them online?  I buy the One Touch Ultra online, and can get them as cheaply as $25 for a box of 50, (I pay twice that at Costco.)  Then I submit the receipt to the insurance company to get reimbursed for their portion.  Like I said, all insurance companies are different, but call them and ask what their policies are with regards to buying supplies online.  The number should be on the back of your insurance card.

Good Luck!

Yep, call your insurance company.  Their number should be on your card (use your prescription card, if you have one that's separate from the card you show to doctors' offices).

And yeah, sometimes you can find strips cheaper online.  Ask your insurance company how much they'd reimburse if you do things like Cindy does.  They might not at all, or you might discover it's a better deal.

Every now and then, on ebay I find strips that cost less than my copay.  Usually, it's because they're just about to expire.  I just make sure to use them before the rest of my strips.

Strips are one of those things that many insurance companies will cover at a higher percentage if you buy them from a durable medical goods company. The pharmacy can probably tell you where there is one in your community. When we switched to a special supplier our insurance covered 100% but nothing at the pharmacy. 

There are also some special programs.  I'm not sure about the OneTouch but Freestyle has the "Freestyle promise" which reduces your copay to $15.

When I haven't had insurance I've used the store brand meters and test strips (available at WalMart, Walgreens, etc.).  The strips are much cheaper.