Tandem Replaces Infusion Sets at No Cost to User

I use to create unnecessary worries for myself & hesitate to call & ask for infusion set replacements before I fully understood Tandem’s policy. I’m on Medicare so receiving no cost replacement infusion sets is important to me. If you pay for pump supplies out of pocket, have high insurance deductible or high insurance co-pay then Tandem’s no cost replacement policy could be very important to you as well.

Do other Tandem pump users know that Tandem Tech Support wants to be informed every time an infusion set isn’t functioning correctly? That has been my experience & that is what tech support told me to do. The rep asks a lot of questions which indicates to me that they are collecting data on their product. You don’t need to speculate or suggest the reason for failure. Don’t be on defensive. You don’t need to justify your request! Relax & allow Tech Rep to go through his/her checklist of questions.

I usually know that something is wrong with an infusion set bc of high bg which I can’t get under control. I may not be getting any insulin, getting very little insulin, or getting partial delivery. Tandem Tech rep told me to call every time I have failure with infusion bc it could be cartridge, tubing or cannula failure. Told me that even if cannula appears straight to naked eye when it is removed there still could be problem with it.

So please call Tandem Tech Support everytime you have a bad placement or failure some time after placement. Rep will ask questions but not to blame you. They will replace infusion set at no charge to you. Before I knew this I worried, stretched # of days between replacing infusion sets AMA & at times begged for supply of infusion sets to fit into Medicare reordering timeline. Receiving replacement sets is now the rule for me.


Thanks for sharing this. My T1 23 yr old son who is fairly new to diabetes (<2 yrs) and on Dexcom G6 for maybe 10 mos went without his CGM for like 6 weeks because his infusion sets failed and he didnt know how to remedy the situation. I felt pretty helpless being 1200 miles away and since he’s not a minor. Finally, we figured out to call Tech. Thanks for encouragement that it’s right to do so.

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I have United Healthcare insurance. I found that Meditronic 670G reduced the cost of Guidian Sensor from $300 for a box of 5 for one month use to $60 in 10/2020. I believe that other CGM suppliers would reduce the cost with insurance payment.