Tandem Control IQ v. OMNIPOD

So…I’ve been a type 1 for 49 years. I’ve used about every pump out there. I had an Omnipod which was GREAT because no wires to worry about. I thought I needed the next best thing and switched to the Tandem IQ in Aug. I am so miserable. It actually reminds me why I hated the minimed. The CONSTANT beeps just drive me crazy! I am ready to just go back to my Omni. Anyone else been in my position?

Hi @Bwheeler63. What beeps are you referring to? I’ve found that CIQ does alert me when it’s activating - which I admit is annoying but it’s not excessive enough to bother me. In addition to those I was getting low and high BG alerts - those I was able to set at levels that were safe but didn’t drive me crazy - and I could set how often I wanted them to repeat (if at all).
So sorry you’re having such trouble. If you provide some more specific details maybe we can help you out.

I’m missing not being wireless mostly. But my pump alarms go off all the time. It will say “You had a high 2 hours ago”. Okay - but why are you beeping at me now? Or a high alert but enough IOB that I can’t do anything about it.


@Bwheeler63. When I was trained on BIQ, the CDE doing my training and I were laughing about a person we both knew being called for jury duty. This person was also on BIQ. The CDE shared there was a way to turn off audio alarms on the pump, unless you had jury duty and wanted to make the pump sing about everything, so you would be excused because your insulin pump disrupted the peace and dignity of the courtroom.

I shared the story above to let you know there is a way to silence all but the LOW alarm at 55 mg/dL on the CGM. Call Tandem and get them to walk you thru silencing the noise maker.

BTW, I am probably breaking an NDA telling you I was in an OmniPod test and the test device was terrible. Most of the participants agreed. RUN.

I know - those high alerts with IOB are annoying! As you said, what can you do about it in the moment! But I believe I was getting more of those before working with my Tandem rep (or doctor) to change my background settings: some combination of changes to correction factor/carb ratio/insulin duration has lessened the frequency although I do still get them from time to time.
As for the one telling you that you were high 2 hours ago - I wonder if it’s a repeat warning because you are still running high? That can be a valuable one to keep a a safety measure but you can adjust it. As @987jaj said, your CDY (or Tandem rep, or doctor) can help you cut the alarms completely - or adjust them so they keep you safe without driving you nuts.

I loved the Omni for being wireless…BUT…it never seemed to be accurate! I would see my Dexcom number and almost ALWAYS check if it was high or low because it never seemed right and it could be off by as much as 100 points! CRAZY! The Tandem does seem to be on track. Let me look at the settings and see if I can save myself some stress! |