Advice on Pumps

Hey everyone my name is Kate and i am 17 years old. I just found this site and i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the omnipod, tslim, and medtronics insulin pumps. I need to get a new one because the pump i have now is really old and no one makes them anymore.

Kate, love my Omni pod, I can put it anywhere, have a lot of tissue damage, Type 1 for 64 years, from all the injections over the years. I can wear my Omni Pod on my back, high and low without a problem, tube less and wireless, can ever go swimming no problem. If I could figure out a way to decorate it, I’d wear it like a piece of jewelry. I don’t hide it, after 64 years it’s almost like a badge of honor, courage. People ask me about it and that gives me a chance to educate and possibly help someone else. Have a great day.

Thank you so much for the advice the more I look into it the more people I see loving it. Does it ever fail or beep uncomfortably? That’s something I worry about being a student and everyone looking at me when my pump starts to beep!

Kate, wear it proudly, if it beeps and someone questions it just tell them your body is wirelessly talking to you, then you’ll have to explain, When I was first diagnosed I tried to hide and not tell anyone, but as the years have passed I find that more people are open and if they are not diabetics then they will know someone that is and your explanation and strength may give someone else the courage they need . On occasion mine fails but I have so much tissue damage that sometimes my insulin backs up and then it really beeps but you can suspend the delivery and it will quit if you need to. Kate, people will applaud you for your ability to attend classes and still be responsible for your well being. This pump is so much better than 6-8 injections a day, that is hard to explain and to pull out a syringe in class is not a great thing. Just wish they came in colors. PS: I like it so much I bought stock in the company. Have a great day, You know where I am. E-mail me any time. Bye Jan

Hi Kate @cupkate,
I can’t give you personal testimony about the OmniPod because I’ve used, to date, only Medtronic - but as I’ll be needing a new pump I’ve begun investigating.
I have observed OmniPod in use, and talked several users - notably active teens and younger kids too - who think they are great and do not hamper any activity, and important here in Florida, can jump in the water without a second thought about the pump. It can be put on “silent”. If you are anticipating integrating Pump & CGM, the Omni is not yet at that point.
I have been fortunate that recently the speakers at our monthly JDRF meeting have been representatives of the three current pump manufacturers Right now, because of CGM integration, I’m considering the Tandem t-slim X2 with is fully integrated with the very accurate Dexcom G5; later this year, the new G6 which does NOT require calibration will be available and the t-Slim will upgrade to fully integrate the auto-suspend feature.
I smiled when you said that you didn’t want others to hear your pump - for me, because of low hearing (even with hearing aids) due to anatomic neuropathy I appreciate it when someone will ask “is that you beeping?”.