T1D JDRF Short Web-Documentary Series

Hello everyone! My name is Chlöe! I’m new here! I am 24 and was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 15. In other words, I got T1D as a Christmas present my freshman year of high school! :smiley: (yay, not really LOL, but hey, gotta deal with it)

I am currently directing a Web-Documentary Series for my class project at University of California, Irvine (UCI), and JDRF is my focus for the project. For this documentary, I will need 5 individuals with T1D, preferably each differing in age (i.e.: a child, a teenager, a college-age student, an adult, and an eldery adult), who would be willing to be interviewed for my project. You would be asked 5 questions pertaining to how your life is with T1D, how it affects you and your decisions in life, and so on. My team and I want this documentary to feel real when people watch it; we want our audience to feel your emotions as you express them. Just be yourself of course, but serious on the topic (I only say this because I know that I myself love to laugh and be a goofball 24/7, so this is also a challenge for me. You don’t need to feel awkward around me in between takes. I’m a nice person and would love to chat with you guys because it’s not everyday you are in the same room with 5 others who have T1D just like you. The filming of this documentary will begin in two weeks from yesterday, so April 30th. The filming process may take from a few days to a couple weeks depending on how well we do with time. Additional details will be given to those who are interested and want to participate. One final piece of information: we will be filming on campus, in the 2X (a set).

With all that said, I look forward to your responses, and am eager to meet volunteers for this project! My team will do its best to provide you with snacks as well to thank you for your participation.
Also, a quick note to parents that have a child with T1D and are interested in their child/children being interviewed for my project, if you want to talk to me first to assure that I’m not a creep or anything, I’m totally okay with that and will give you my information on the side so that you can call me and we can talk. :blush:

EDIT: I forgot to say that if you have any questions about something I may have accidentally left out, please ask away! Thank you!

Hi Chloe @JuviaCosplay, this sounds like a really interesting concept for a documentary and very appropriate in that T1D truly affects people of all ages. It may help educate the general public and many in the medical field who think this is a condition only for children - about 12 years ago a doctor cured me of my TypeOne just by looking at my date of birth, 1941.

I’d love to be part of this project and I may qualify because of my age with the latter category you mention but I don’t consider myself to be “elderly”. I’m in florida and don’t expect to be spending two weeks in beautiful California during the time of your production.

My best wishes for your success - feel free to call on my if you need information on successfully living long-term with diabetes. I smiled when you mentioned your Christmas present at age 15 - I was diagnosed on my 16th birthday and yes I celebrate my anniversary with cake and candles, or sometimes pie.

Aw thank you for this reply. I really enjoyed reading it. If the 19+41 was a joke, I did not get it. Sorry! Mind explaining it to me? Lol.

Oh wow, Florida? I’m Cuban so I have some family members that live in Miami. I’ve only been to Florida once. It’s very hot and humid, but fun too. Lol

Thank you for your wishes! And wow, only a year after me; it was on your birthday though?? Wait, you celebrate that you got Type 1 every year? I’m confused. Lol. Also, I love pie.

Chloe @JuviaCosplay, I fixed my typo and have entered 1941, the year of my birth.
And yes, my 16th birthday and the 4th of July with fireworks for my/our celebration because for the past 50+ years our daughter has celebrated her birthday with me and our Country.

Have any volunteers come forward for your project?

No, sadly they have not, and oh wow! Nice! I guess it is a pretty big celebration then!

Maybe I should edit and say that I’m looking for people in SoCal who are interested. Our class is doing auditions today, but I don’t have to go since my project is a documentary, but I’m starting to get worried because others haven’t reached out…

Chloe @JuviaCosplay,
you may have already taken this path; try contacting the chapters of JDRF in your geographic area and ask for help in spreading the word about your project.
Use the Tabs at the top of this page to find the chapter near you or JDRF.org

Hey Chloe, awesome idea!
I think it would be a little hard (because we are so special) to find 5 people of differing ages with T1D all in your area. I think you should consider doing something like a skype interview if that could work for your project. I would fit in the teenager (16) category if you can/

I Sent you a PM.