T1D and just became a mom

I became a new mom only 6 weeks ago and feel like my diabetes is starting to slip out of control. I’m doing everything I should as a mom, including pumping throughout the day to feed my son. I know I’m not getting the sleep I used to or eating like I should but my schedule is worked completely around my son. Any advice on ways to take care of my little one AND my diabetes at the same time?

Hi Hope @hoped821 - Congratulations on the birth of your son.
You do have a lot working against you in your attempts to effectively manage your diabetes - irregular eating, less sleep, etc. and one you didn’t mention, STRESS. Not getting a good night’s sleep could well be the biggest factor and that will eventually [hopefully soon] take care of itself.
Sorry that I can’t offer any real firm suggestions other than to ask your partner to take over night-time feedings and changings, and comforting for a few nights - you are pumping and storing your milk so he CAN fill in for you.
For your diabetes check BG frequently and micro-dose or small snack whenever you start traveling outside your target ranges, but don’t overdose on either food or insulin - little is better; a CGM makes this a little easier.
Best Wishes !!!

Hi and congratulations! Are you using an insulin pump? I didn’t get my pump until after having my son and it made a huge difference in trying to care for him and myself at the same time. Just know that things will start to be more on a schedule as he gets older. My doctor did tell me it’s normal for your blood sugar to be all over the place right after having a baby because your body was requiring so much more insulin while pregnant and it suddenly not needing as much. It took a lot of adjustments with my doctor to get back to normal but hang in there!

What you are going through is tough. I had so much low blood sugar after my kids were born. I didn’t have an insulin pump until my youngest son was almost 1. I would like to let you know that the roller coaster is going to stop eventually, but while you’re breast feeding you need to eat a lot of food and get your endocrinologist on board to adjust your pump settings. Keep lots of good snacks on hand for lows. Trail mix with dried fruit and nuts, fresh fruit, peanut butter sandwiches can be made ahead of time. Make about 3, cut them in half and wrap them individually. Put them in the fridge. Now you have 6 quick snacks. Using a good whole grain bread is a good way to keep your sugars on an even plane. I like Seedtastic at Aldi. Each slice has 22 g carbohydrate and 5 g fiber (I count it as 17g carb). I would also like to echo the last person’s suggestion to get a lot of sleep - when the baby sleeps, you should sleep. You also need a lot of water. I feel for you and I want you to know that you’re not alone. I went through the same things and I’m a registered dietitian. Feel free to reach out if you feel scared or alone or frustrated.

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