Support in northern va

I’m a new mom, I’ve had T1D since I was 9 but being a mom with T1D is a different journey! Looking for some support/friends that can relate.

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@Kayway.f Hi Kiara and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!

I’m not in northern Virginia, but I am on this site often and will join in any topic you post - if I can contribute anything important. I know from experience, person-to-person support works much more effectively and is more rewarding experience.
I urge you to look into activities where you can meet other people with diabetes; you can find activities, and a JDRF Chapter near you by selecting the “Events Tab” at the top of this page and then selecting “JDRF Near You”. Then just enter your zip code. While you are on that page, you may spot some activity in your area.

Thank you! @Dennis I know going to the doctor consistently helps keep me focused on my goals, although I’ve never have any T1D friends my whole life, I can only imagine how much it could help!

Hi Kiara,

I was diagnosed at 10 with T1D and became a first time mom at 31. I had a difficult pregnancy (due to the T1D) and my son came early. After spending some time in the NICU, he came home. A new infant is exhausting. He was a pre-mie, so he needed a lot of feedings, every few hours, even through the night. Lots of missed sleep. While I had the support of my husband, this was not an area he was good at. Though, he was great about diaper changing. Just be sure to rest when you can.

I breast fed for as long as I could - only about 6 weeks, as this was not working out well - he wasn’t strong enough and I wasn’t making enough milk. So we switched to bottles early on. If this is an issue for you - don’t feel guilty about it.

I found that right after the pregnancy, my sensitivity to insulin actually INCREASED. I needed less insulin than before, especially for meals. Keep in mind, that son is now 27 years old, so this was long before pumps or CGM. Over the years, many years, my sensitivity returned to the pre-pregnancy status. But everyone is different and you may not see any difference in your insulin requirements at all. Just know that ANY changes can happen - for a while.(due to hormones)

I would be happy to share any other stories or help with any advice, should you reach out.

Take care and good luck!


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