Summer Heat Tips

Hi everyone! With a lot of us having extreme summer temperatures lately, I wanted to get everyone’s tips for staying healthy and taking care of your T1D while outside in the warmer months.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the beach and was rather neglectful with my sunscreen and got a really terrible sunburn. My blood sugar was over 600 for a few days straight, so I changed my basal to run at twice as much as usual, and then had to give huge correction boluses all the time, but upping my basal rate really helped.

What do you all do differently during the summer to stay safe and keep your blood sugar in check?

Yes Sarah @sarahtackett, great advice and very appropriate timing - well, maybe I / someone should have posted this a few days before your sunburn :slight_smile: - yes said with a smile.

I do hope you are now fully recovered - we need you here!

JDRF actually just posted a guide about dealing with summer heat:

I work outside so between the exercise and dehydration I’m subject to a pretty brutal blood sugar roller coaster ride during the summer. I also have a hard time telling the difference between dehydration and a low blood sugar (both cause fatigue and headaches), so I make sure to carry plenty of snacks and drinks with me during the day. I don’t like the taste of water so I make my own herbal (caffeine free) tea at home. I started wearing a CGM in May and that’s helping me smooth out the ride a little bit, but I still have to be careful. And the heat/sweat wears out the CGM adhesive really fast. I use a Simpatch to help keep the CGM on, but lately I’ve had to replace the Simpatch halfway through the week or the CGM will fall off anyway.

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