Stomach Virus

I woke up with a stomach virus about 3:30 this morning. I was able to hold my thyroid pill down for an hour, but I have been throwing up all morning. I’ve watched my blood sugar steady climb from 110 to 309 over the last 5 hours. I was wondering if any of you have any tips for when you are this sick.

I was diagnosed with gastroperesis a year ago. I have had many sick days. Nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps & high blood sugar. Make sure to drink plenty of water even if you can’t keep it down. I take extra insulin to correct high readings. I check my sugar every 30 min. Gatorade low calorie helps restore electrolytes. Diet Ginger ale can help with your nausea. And i repeat, make sure you drink plenty of fluids even if you can’t keep it down. Have plenty of broth and try crackers. I was unable to do this and I was taken to the emergency room every month for a week at the time. I had this for happen a year. The BRAT diet is good to do on sick days like this if it can be tolerated you will be good to go in no time. Bananas, rice, applesauce & toast. Some Doctors say go up a unit of insulin if the current regimen is too little to maintain your high blood sugars. I’m not a Dr I would call your endocrinologist for that advise. Stay in touch with your Dr. They will help… I didn’t have a Dr. No insurance :frowning:

Hope you get well soon! Stay in touch and let me know if this helps.
Your partner,

Thanks for the tips. I have all of those foods on hand, but it is so hard to even make myself drink or eat. So far its just been a glass of water with thyroid meds and a few sips of diet 7-UP. I will call my endo today and let them know the situation. Its just nice to talk to others and see how you guys deal with it. T1 makes even the most basic stomach bug such a big deal! My son had this yesterday and is fine now!

I definitely understand. This is why I absolutely love this site! I really hope you get well soon! Have you had to go to the emergency room from sickness like this? Every time the doctors blamed me for letting my blood sugar get out of control. This always frustrates me. They thought I was suicidal and sent a pastor, psychologist and a mental therapist to my room. Wish they understood like we do on here.

Wow! I did nothing but take my lantus this morning and it climbed to over 300. I have had an infection in my foot that had to get medical attention because it was infected, and I have had to get a zpac for the flu a few years ago because it was only getting worse. That kept me home for a week, but I have not been admitted yet. That is also why I love this site. I think you have to be a T1 to really understand what happens with the body. I have a really good endo, but when I was first diagnosed the general doctor sent me home with a pill and told me I was type 2. My bs was almost 600! A coworker of mine has a sister that has T1 and they just treated her similarly at the emergency room. Like she should have been able to bring it down. The nurse laughed at her when she told them her meter wouldn’t read her levels. The nurse told her that theirs would. Of course it didn’t. Turned out she had a slow leak in her pump. She went into DKA. I wish everyone was more educated on the ways T1 affects our lives!

Wow that is why I keep checking mine every 30 min. I know this sounds obsessive but it keeps me informed on where i’m at. Infections eat us alive. I have had problems with infections 2 years ago. It was mainly on infection that caused the damage and would not go away.

Make sure to check ketones. If they are above moderate you aren’t drinking enough fluids.