So SICK need help!

So this morning I woke up and ate breakfast as normal.  About an hour later this stomach virus hit me like a ton of bricks.

I need help.....What do I do if I can't keep food down? My insulin delivery would be unsafe if there is no food, right? So, how do I keep it from going to high? I haven't had to deal with this before.


Kristin - so sorry to hear you're under the weather!

I can't tell from your profile - are you on an insulin pump, or injections?

I have a MiniMed :) Love my pump!

This gets tricky, because usually the stress of being sick makes me run a little higher, yet you don't want to go low either, since you can't eat.  Can you set a temporary reduced basal rate to avoid going low?  (And test often, to make sure you're not going too far the other way!)

You will most likely need SOME insulin delivery, as your body uses glucose even when you're not eating.

okay! thank you so much!!

It sounds like Kim already helped you (that's why we keep her around, lol), but I wanted to add that your endo's office should have someone on call that can be paged. I've had that awful feeling of taking all my insulin for breakfast and suddenly starting to throw up. Talking to the endo usually reduces my panic. (;

Hope you feel better soon!

You definitely still need to take insulin, I didn't once, because I was afraid I would go low, and I got even sicker b/c my blood sugar then went up. As Kim said, lower the amount you are taking, do bloodtests frequently. Try some regular pop, ginger ale or something with sugar - even if you throw it up, you should be able to get some sugar out of it if you are going low. Popsicles are also good, there isn't too much actual mass to them, so you should be able to get one down slowly.   Feel better!

Sip on Gatorade!!  A sick day can lead to DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidocis) real quick.  Check you blood alot!!!!

I really appreciate all the help! :) Thanks everyone

I definately would check with your endo about what you should be doing before actually doing anything. He/she will be able to give you a plan according to your symptoms, what method you use (pump, pens, syringes) and your own personal history.


The only time I don't check with my endo is if I have a cold, because I'm still able to eat so I don't have the same worry about taking insulin and dropping low.