Starch-based diet

I received this asking if a starched-based diet can help with type 1 diabetes

i have no idea what a starch-based diet is.

for folks with T1d, sugar (including starch) makes your blood sugar go up. Insulin and exercise makes your blood sugar go down. if someone decides to eat an entire pizza and make the end result neutral by taking a lot of insulin and riding a bike…who would judge?

I can’t stand “doctors” like McDougall. They just want to make a buck and give out very dangerous advice. We diabetics, especially us T1’s, have to be careful because there are lots of scammers out there trying to target the large population of T2’s to make money off some crazy diet book or supplement. Anyone who recommends stopping medication on a website without a personal visit is not to be trusted. High carbs mean higher blood sugar, which needs to be offset by more insulin. Insulin is a fat-storing hormone, so the more you need, the heavier you will be. Anyone who follows a low- to moderate-carb diet (<100g/day) will tell you that it has helped them both lose and maintain a healthy weight, and BG’s are infinitely easier to manage.

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