Low-Carb High- Fat Diets Worse in Long Run

Hello, I’m Milly. Since my diagnosis doctors have preached “Low-carb high-fat” diets as the key to BG control, and I took it without a grain of salt. What I’ve learned though is that in the long run, these diets are BAD BAD BAD. 1) Carbohydrates are a vital nutrient to the body and filler. When you cut them out of your diet, you fill the craving void with fatty high calorie foods that are impossible to burn off and give you very little energy. 2) INSULIN RESISTANCE is the enemy no doctors talk about. High-Fat diets lead to a buildup of fatty tissue around cells, like a wall. This BLOCKS INSULIN from cells. This is dangerous because people have to over inject insulin and have to INJECT WAY MORE. 3) Fruit and juice are NOT the enemies!! I know from experience that its so easy to neglect your bodies actual health because of what doctors say works for diabetes. I drink a fruit vegetable smoothie every morning and have an A1C below 6.0%! 4) The fear amongst doctors is that people are eating rice, pasta, white potatoes, crackers, etc. The problem is not all carbs, its bad, empty carbs! EAT FRUIT, HEALTHY FIBEROUS GRAINS, NUTRITIOUS STARCHES!! 5) Dairy is a big killer and there’s literally the same calcium in an orange or handful of almonds than an 8 oz milk glass. Our bodies aren’t meant to drink milk after infancy!! I’m not a full-time vegan but TRY BEING VEGAN/ PESCETARIAN NO DAIRY FOR 1 WEEK and see how your body responds. I promise you’ll be amazed

Hi Milly @mh1234 . You offer some very interesting observations about foods and your method for designing your ideal diet. I concur with much of what you have to say you prefer to eat and what you avoid. That being said, a significant number of fats must be consumed to assist in maintaining a level BG; saturated and other manufactured fats should be avoided.

My general advice about eating is to eat a healthy, well balanced meal of enjoyable foods and avoid things like deep-fried white potatoes and empty carbohydrates such as glucose tabs.

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