Need help/

So this past year in school my teachers were feedin wrong information to the students in my school. So being apart of my high schoos student council i mentioned about having a assemly about informing my school with the dieses that effect kids in my school. SO im needing everyones help with the diabetes part if you could make a video an send it too me or send me info u would like to put out there that would help a bunch.

thanks :)


That is tight!....what kinda info are you looking for? Willing to help, don't really know how.

like just your story or anything really

Wow! I've dreamed about that but don't think It;d happen!

well I'd talk about:

the difference between type 1 and t2

checking bs

shots and /or pumps (if anyone has a pump)

Or maybe just go through a day in the life of you! :)

Good luck! Let us know how it ends up?

im nearvoius it a 30min speech