Spa treatments

Hi all,

I would like to treat my partner (who has a CGM, pump and sensor) to a spa treatment. I know there can be some discomfort around other people seeing these devices and well as needing to remove things in public areas. Plus I read that massages can impact blood sugar levels so maybe that’s not the best option. I was wondering if any of y’all have had positive experiences with spa treatments and if so what would recommend (foot massage? facial?). Any thoughts folks have are most welcome!

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hi @PumpkinFairy9 hot things like sauna, steam rooms, and hot tubs can have an affect on blood sugar. If I have insulin on board, a hot room like a steam room can cause a drop in blood sugar but as long as i know in advance I can deal with it. For some people, a hot tub or sauna can cause a rise in blood sugar. There is no way to predict, so I would just test more in new situations.

I can’t comment on getting a massage, but you can assume that it might affect blood sugar and so you have to test more.

as far as removing tech, a massage can work around an infusion site or a CGM sensor… no worries there.

I like steam so I built a steam room in my house. It overheats you so your heart beats faster, and I’ve attributed my drop in blood sugar to that increased heart rate. For me, this only happens if I have IOB. anyway I think it’s more important to enjoy it… maybe a single treatment like a massage might be a good starter to see what happens. much of dealing with T1 is like this: try it, see what happens, adjust, try again.

good luck