Getting a massage while on the Pump

Hi everyone! I just started pumping a little over two months ago. -Yeah! My question is - does anyone get massages while you've been on the pump? Do you disconnect? Do you just leave it on and keep it out of the way? I am planning an hour long massage and I've never been disconnected for that long before. Sometimes after I get a massage I'll go low, so I was just wondering what would be best?

So I know it's kind of a weird question, but what does everyone else do?

I had an hour long massage before. I just tell them about it and positioned it next to me as I was asked to move around (flip over lol). It was not a problem. Also, I have an animas ping and the tubing never got in the way either.

As for lows, just reduce your basal a little or ask to keep a juice in the room just in case. What ever makes less stress for you (it is the point of the massage after all!)

My advice mirrors Jessica's.  :)  I keep mine connected, tuck everything under me or beside me, and tell them about it beforehand.  Never had a problem!

my bloodsugar tends to go low after massages anyways, so when i was on the pump and went for a massage i would unclip for the 30mins or 45min or however long it was, and then clip back on after.

I always just make sure my infusion site is someplace they won't be massaging (like my abdomen) instead of my legs and then just let the masseuse know about it and keep it close.  Never been a problem.  Enjoy your massage! 

Part of a good massage should be a discussion with the therapist before starting the massage. My wife is a licensed massage therapist and part of their training to be licensed in CA now is to learn about working on Ds and asking questions. The type of massage may have an impact on how the pump is handled during the session

It is worth letting the therapist know and critical to keep the pump connected during a long session.

I agree with everyone else- just explain before hand what the pump is/what it does and then keep it close to you throughout the massage. I was told to watch my blood sugar closely after a massage too, it may go down. Something about getting the skin/muscles loose and flowing (to be honest it didn't make much sense to me haha) Enjoy! :)

I've gotten an hour-long relaxation massage before. I just kept my pump on. I didn't tell the girl about it beforehand. Now I know I probably should have! I didn't have any issues with it. In fact, she asked me what it was when we were done and had many questions. Afterward I was EXTREMELY relaxed, which kind of felt like being low without the horrible feeling, if that makes any sense.

Thanks for all the responses! I've had many massages before. This will be the first one with a pump though. I'll definitely just have a conversation with the therapist.

Thanks for the tip about the infusion site! I'll definitely make sure to have it on my abdomen and not in my lower back!

All the previous massages I've had have been with the pump on but on tuesday I'm going to remove my site from my body and be pump free and site free for it! I'll probably bolus a little before and keep a pen handy for the hour.