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Hi all. I've been walking alongside a friend with T1D for a little while now and have been reading this blog for her to gather tips....has been really useful.  Well I finally had reason to post something. Someone directed me to this press release and I wondered what others out there thought of it.  Reason to be optimistic?,23776.html?portalPage=Lifescience+Today.News

DiaMedica Inc. Announces Positive Final Results in Type 1 Diabetes Study

2010-10-14, Source: DiaMedica Inc.


DiaMedica Inc., (TSX VENTURE: DMA) is pleased to announce positive final results from its previously announced type 1 diabetes study.

The study was designed to observe the potential protective and/or regenerative effects on beta cells (cells from the pancreas that produce insulin) in a widely accepted type 1 diabetes animal model. DiaMedica, in consultation with Dr. Maureen Gannon at Vanderbilt University, has confirmed that DM-99 can increase new beta cells by 1,277% (p less than 0.01) when administered to diseased animals compared to untreated diseased animals. Beta cell proliferation induced by DM-99 trended to be even greater than replication in non-diseased, untreated control animals.

The increased beta cell proliferation led to physiologically important improvements in the diabetic state. Improvements included the restoration of peak levels of plasma insulin to near normal levels (p less than 0.05) with positive trends of increase in the levels of both pancreatic and plasma insulin, which led to improved blood glucose clearance in a oral glucose tolerance test with DM-99 treatment. On July 8th, DiaMedica reported initial results of the study that included a 68% reduction in fasting blood glucose (p less than 0.05) with DM-99.

"These results are very provocative and would indicate that this compound offers both a level of protection of beta cells in a type 1 diabetes animal model as well as induces their proliferation," stated Dr. Maureen Gannon, Associate professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt University, Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism. "Having a therapeutic compound that can either protect or proliferate beta cells is a key requirement for finding a cure for type 1 diabetes so that therapies involved in replacing or regenerating these cells can work long-term. DM-99 appears to be able to perform both of these functions."

"The ability of DM-99 to significantly increase beta cell replication combined with our earlier data showing the ability of DM-99 to protect against a variety of autoimmune attacks may result in a first in class treatment for type I diabetes", stated Mr. Rick Pauls, President and CEO of DiaMedica. "We are currently developing DM-199, a novel recombinant and humanized form of DM-99 for commercialization."


The extraneous comment about Type 1 in the last paragraph does not seem to be supported by  the text that precedes it.

It is unclear to me that improved use of insulin would help a condition that is caused by an absence of self produced insulin.

I'm still trying to understand this all. I did come across this press release from today which says Diamedica has begun a research collaboration with The Sanford Project who sounds pretty credible by looking at their website.

I am a participant in the Sanford/USD study and they are credible (leading T1 research in the country)  I am not sure if it has anything to do with the DM99, because this study is just two commonly used drugs that may work together to produce beta cells.  I do know that the company has made the pills for the study, both placebo and the real ones to look identical.  Even the researchers don't know who gets which, until the study is done.   I do really hope I get the real thing, otherwise after two years on placebos, I will not have any beta cells working anymore!!